Easy Rice Water Hack For Clear Glass Skin

In Asian countries people are using rice water to make their ski flawless and beautiful since last many years

Rice water for skin being rich in antioxidants is an excellent skin brightening ingredient. It not only brightens but also fades dark spots and pigmentation when used regularly. Korean women since ages have been using rice water for skin whitening and brightening.

Today in this post, I will share a very simple DIY, that you can easily prepare at home, store it for few days and use it everyday

To make this diy, you will need

3-4 spoons of raw rice
1 spoon of fuller’s earth
1 spoon of Licorice powder
1 spoon of milk powder
And 1 glass of water

First take raw rice a bowl, and wash it with plain water to remove all impurities
Now in this add 1 glass of water and leave it overnight
Next morning strain this water
In this add fuller’s earth powder, Licorice powder and milk powder
Mix it well
Pour this solution in ice tray and let it freeze
Your treatment is ready, daily take 1 ice cube and massage it on your face for 5 minutes

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