Glass Skin Look With Natural Ingredients

Today in this video, I will share some natural ingredients that are inspired by Korean skin care, and can help you to achieve that that flawless glowing skin, like glass

Step#1 – Deep Cleansing

Korean people believe in double cleansing to deep clean your skin pores

For first cleansing you can simply take few drops of either jojoba oil or almond oil, massage it on your clean face for 2 minutes and then wipe you face with warm towel

For 2nd cleansing you can use any milk based face cleanser.

If you don’t have any, just apply some raw milk all over your face. Leave it for 5 minutes on your face and then wash your face with cold water

Now coming to next step of this routine, that is exfoliation

To make your own exfoliator take juice of 1 ripe tomato in a clean bowl
In this add 2 spoons of sugar and mix it until sugar melts completely
Apply this liquid all over your face and neck. Let it rest on your face for 10 minutes to melt dead skin cells
After 10 minutes wash your face with cold water

Step#3 – Toning

Toner is generally used to remove any last traces of dirt, and restore pH of your skin.
But Korean people believe in toner, that also provides base hydration to your skin

For this you can use toners available in market or you can also prepare your own with either green tea or cucumber juice

Spray some toner on your face and pat it lightly

Step#4 – Hydrating Serum

Glass skin is all about achieving a dewy complexion. The more you hydrate your skin, the closer you get to acing that glass look

Choose serum that also contains moisture boosting ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

Take few drops of this serum and pat it lightly on your face

Step#5 – Moisturizer

When choosing a moisturizer, keep in mind your skin type. However, for the glass skin look, go for a lightweight and water based moisturizer.

If you don’t have any, add few drops of beetroot juice in aloe vera gel and apply it on your face

This is a 5 step routine that will help you to get smooth glass skin look. Apart from this routine don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

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