Do This To Increase Your Breast Size In 2 Months

There are natural ways to increase the breasts size such as massage, enlargement exercises, dieting and enlargement pumps. This article will give you an insight into some of the best natural Side-Effect Freeways of breast enlargement

Natural Treatment #1 – Yoga

Yoga has been a natural healing agent for thousands of healing. It unites the body with the mind and helps you counter diseases from within. Moreover, when it comes to making breasts seem bigger, this ancient art can do it for you. Here is list of yoga asana that can make your breasts bigger and firm

Bhujangasana – Also known as cobra pose – you will have to lie down on your stomach joining your foot straight on the floor and put your hands on your chest. Repeat 10 times every day.

Ustrasana – Camel pose is kneeling facing your head to the ceiling and bending your back to touch your feet. Repeat 10 times. This pose also benefits you with good digestion and reduces arms and thigh fat.

Dwikonasana – Also known as a double angle pose – this asana includes standing, stretching both your hands backwards and locking it & bending down to touch your head to your knees. This is one of the best yoga exercises for big breasts.

Natural Treatment #2 – Massage

Apart from yoga, massage can also be very effective to tone your muscles

The best natural way to increase breasts size is by getting an oil massage done. Here are some simple steps as to how to get one done.
Step 1: Move your hands around both breasts in a circulator way.
Step 2: Join both breasts together.
Step 3: Repeat 10 times every day using some of the above-listed natural oils.
NOTE: Do not do this for too long as it can lead to swelling and sensitivity.

For this massage purpose you can use either flaxseed oil or fennel oil

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