Coffee Oil To Remove Stretch Marks

If you are looking for super effective and cheaper solution to remove you stretch marks, it is coffee oil

When you apply it topically, coffee uses abrasive particles to effectively exfoliate the skin, thereby removing dead cells and allowing newer ones to grow. The new cells come with a more even tone, which gradually helps with stretch marks. That’s to say coffee scrub for stretch marks is a thing – a great thing.


It is very easy to prepare coffee oil at home using just 2 ingredients. Here is what you need:

Olive oil
Instant coffee powder
Glass bottle(for storage)


To make coffee infused oil, put olive oil(or any other virgin, cold-pressed oil) in the glass jar.
Now add instant coffee powder in the bowl.
Use a stirrer or spoon to mix oil and coffee.
Secure the lid of the jar using a clean cotton cloth.
Boil, water in a saucepan and put the jar in the pan.
Alternatively, you can use a double boiler(if you have one).
Put gas flame to low and let the jar remain in the pan for at least an hour.
After every 10-15 minutes, remove the cloth and stir the mixture.
Now, use a cotton cloth or the same cloth to separate oil from the mixture.
Your coffee infused oil is ready.

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