Beauty Hacks To Look Better Than You Did At 25

The truth is, everyone ages. There are no exceptions to this rule. However, many long for the skin care that only the rich and the famous seem to be able to afford, causing envy for their youthful good looks. But there are simple ways by which we too can take proper care of ourselves and look as good as any celebrity who smiles on television or on the cover of a magazine.

Today in this article I will share some very effective beauty hacks that will make your skin more younger with time passing by

Hack #1 – Egg Carrot Mask

For this diy you will need

1 Carrot
& 1 Egg

Simply grind a baby carrot,
beat a raw egg,
and mix the two till they form a smooth paste.
Next, clean your face and neck, and
apply the paste on your clean skin.
Leave it on your faced for half an hour.
rinse it off, moisturize it with oil or cream and watch it glow!

Hack #2 – Banana Face Mask

For this diy take 1 ripe banana
Mash it well
In this add few drops of honey
Mix it well and your mask is ready
Apply this mask on your clean face and neck
Leave for 30 minutes and then rise it off with cold water

Hack #3 – Apple cider vinegar

Diluted apple cider vinegar can do wonder o skin. It cleans the skin and tightens it. Dab a mixture of this liquid with a cotton cloth or a piece of cotton wool and watch how your skin sparkles!

You can use this as regular face toner on daily basis

Make sure you use mother’s apple cider vinegar only for face

Hack #4 – Oil Massage

Castor oil is best or face, as it contains vitamin E and omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that help maintain the structural integrity of the skin. But personally I don’t like it as it is very thick oil. I add equal quantity of olive oil, jojoba oil and castor oil.

Take few drops of this oil and massage it on your face every night. After this massage you can wash your face with regular face cleanser

Hack #5 – Face Yoga

Skin Under The Eyes:

Begin by placing your index fingers under the eyebrow and your thumb under the eye. Now, lift your eyebrows and move your eyeballs upwards and look up fixedly. The next step is to close your eyes slowly. Repeat this exercise whenever you can.

To Avoid Wrinkles Across The Brow:

Stretch the skin from the corners of both the eyebrows (with your thumbs in the direction of your temples) and try to frown at the same time for a wrinkle-free face!

To Avoid Vertical Forehead Lines:

Freezing your frown as you pull the skin away from the center of the forehead with your fingers is a good way to strengthen this region.

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