Avoid Body Heat | Keep Your Body Cool And Avoid Pimples and Acne

We all know what the acne and pimples are.
But there is another, more dangerous type of this skin problem that, at first, looks like a breakout.
Heat Pimples are red bumps that grow in patches on your skin.
Your internal body heat is what triggers it.
Some people have low or average body heat, while some have high internal body heat.
This promotes the overproduction of sebum that blocks the pores of your skin. In the end, this leads to heat bumps.Home Remedies To Avoid Body Heat:

You’ll Need:

  • Clean Rice is preferably unpolished and de-husked. Any kind of rice is good to use. Red rice is better off.
  • Water
  • Vessel: Every type of vessel is all right. Clay’s vessel is the safest option.
  1. Take 10 g of rice. Add 6 to 8 times, i.e. 60 to 80 ml of water.
  2. Put it in a pot and keep it closed for 3-6 hours in the clay pot.
  3. Once the rice is soaked you can use a spoon to crush the rice in the pot itself, so that the rice can release the beneficial properties.
  4. Strain the water to use it.

Ayurvedic reference it is called Tandulodaka.
It is described as a derivative form of cold infusion.
You can store this for the next 6 – 8 hours.

Dose: up to 50 ml once or twice a day.

Ayurvedic Rice Water-Tandulodaka-is one of the easiest remedies in Ayurveda.
It soothes the three doshas, i.e. the vata, the pitta, and the Kapha.
Tandulodak has the properties of Rice bran, which is a by-product of the rice milling process and contains various antioxidants that have beneficial effects on human health.
The main fraction of the rice bran includes 12 per cent-13% of oil and extremely unsaponifiable components.
This fraction contains a component of vitamin E, gamma-oryzanol, and beta-sitosterol, all of which contribute to lowering the body heat.

Cold Water Soak
You’ll Need:

  • A bucket/Tub
  • A Few Ice-Cubes

Relaxing with your feet in a cool bath will help to push down the heat of your body instantly.

  1. Simply take cold water and add a few ice cubes to make the water chilled.
  2. Now in this put your legs and let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Adding some essential oils might do some wonders, too.
  4. You can do this before going to sleep to relax your body.

Preventive Tips

Tender Coconut
Get a glass of coconut water in the summer every day.
Electrolytes in coconut water, along with vitamins and minerals, will rehydrate the body in a moment.
It’s the best way to revitalize your body and rejuvenate yourself during the summer.

Consumption of hydrating food
Make sure you eat food with high water content. Fruits such as watermelons, oranges, pineapple are the ideal summer snacks.
Vegetables such as cucumbers, also have a higher water content which will help keep you hydrated.
If you don’t like veggies, you may want to make a yogurt smoothie to help your body cool down.

Buttermilk is a miracle food that can save a sick body from heat.
It helps to cool your stomach and relieves your digestive distress.
Traditionally in India having a glass of buttermilk after a meal is considered as the best way to keep you cool in the hot summer season.

Fenugreek seeds also known as methi seeds have been used in India for centuries to help the body cool down during menstruation or digestive disorders.
Freshly brewed fenugreek tea helps to minimize body heat.
Alternatively, soak the seeds in water for a while and then eat the seeds.

Stop Foods That Increases Body Heat
When your body is hot from internally, the last thing you need to do is fuel up with spicy food.
Go simple with curries, chilies, spicy peppers, and salsas. Sour foods like curd, cheese, and sour cream all add too much heat to the Pitta season.
Restrict too much salty food it will leave you dehydrated and make your skin worse.
Tiny quantities of ginger, black pepper, and cumin are all right but say no to chili powder.
Go simple with tomatoes, garlic, onion, beets, and spinach whenever you can. Alcohol also has a healing effect on the body.