Alia Bhatt’s Secret Behind Beautiful Skin

If you want same glowy and bouncy skin like Alia Bhatt, in this video I am going to share, formulas and ingredients that she relies on.

“My skincare routine is one of the most important parts of my life, and the most exciting parts of my day,” she shared in a recent video that she uploaded to her channel

So without any delay lets start with our video

She starts her skin care with massaging her face

Just spray some mist on your face and start to massage your face with roller.

For this purpose Alia uses a vibrating gold face roller.

Those who swear by its skincare benefits suggest that the rolling motion of the cold metal can stimulate collagen, calm inflammation and erase fine lines.

This massage is very effective to reduce water retention and improve blood circulation

Step#2 of her routine is Niacinamide Serum

It is a vitamin that gets rid of any fine lines, protects from pollution, hydrates and regenerates skin cells.

For this purpose she uses 10% Niacinamide serum. Just take few drops of this serum and pat it on your face and neck

Step#3 of her routine is Eye Cream

Under eye area on your face needs extra care to prevent dark circles and eye wrinkles

For this purpose she uses Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG, in day time. In night time you can use ye cream that contains minor amount of retinol, as it is very effective t reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Next step of her routine is to keep skin well moisturised

A key step in her routine is a moisturiser, and her go-to pick is water based moisturiser.

She says, “I spend so much time in front of lights, so the skin gets really dry. Just like you drink water, your skin also needs to drink water.”

Last step of her routine is Sunscreen

The final step in her routine is sunscreen.
She says, “I can’t explain how important sunscreen is. Even if you go near a window, you need sunscreen. I always put sunscreen on face before my makeup.”

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