7 Days Clear Skin Challenge

Today this post is about a few skin related problems, that might take a long time to get away from your face, and sometimes they leave an unwanted scar on your face. For every skin problem, you need just 2 simple things – Increase collagen production and skin elasticity, if you can do this all scars will fade away from your face and your skin will start to look much younger and glowing.

So let’s start with our article. In step#1 we will prepare an orange toner that is rich in vitamin C.

This toner will boost collagen production and at the same time will soothe your irritated skin.

  1. Take the peel of 2 oranges.  Now take these peels in a pan. Fill this pan, half with water.
  2. Turn on the flame, and cook these peels for 15 minutes, on medium flame.
  3. Filter this water and let it cool. Now take an empty spray bottle, fill it with an equal amount of orange water and rose water. Shake and your toner is ready.
  4. After cleansing your face apply this toner all over your face with the help of a clean cotton pad.

Now in the next part of this post, we will prepare a night cream with boiled orange peels

  1. Transfer cooked orange peels in a mixer jar, add 2 spoons of orange water in this and grind it well.
  2. Transfer this paste to a clean bowl.
  3. In this add 1 spoon of aloe vera gel and 2 tsp of glycerin.
  4. Mix it well and your night cream is ready.
  5. You can use this as a night cream on your face after cleansing and toning.

We suggest using this cream at night, as it is rich in vitamin C, which can make your skin sun-sensitive.

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