7 Things That You Should Never Put On Your Face & Why

It is important to know what is safe and what can be damaging to your face in times when beauty tips and do-it-yourself skincare suggestions are flooded all across social media.

1. Hair Spray

  • Rumours are out there about hair spray, that just as it sets your hair, can also help to keep your makeup in place.
    You should never spray hairspray on your face.
  • It contains alcohol and lacquers that dehydrate and make the skin appear much older than it really is.
  • There are also repellents in these sprays that could irritate the skin and also cause inflammation and redness.

2. Body Lotions

Skincare is tedious; different products are needed for each part of your body.

  • For those of you who think it’s an easy way out of using body lotion for your facial skin, you’re really wrong.
    You should never slather your face with body lotion.
  • Thicker and highly fragrant body lotions make the extra skin oily and inflamed.
    Owing to its fragile nature, your face needs a moderate, gentle cream.
  • In addition, body lotions work, very unlike most face creams, to fill in moisture and not to fix facial skin issues such as anti-aging, etc.

3. Shampoos

  • Your hair and face are composed of molecules that are different.
    Although your hair requires strong surfactants to remove the oil and dirt, a cleanser made of much milder stuff is required for your face.
  • The fragile molecules that make up your facial skin can not be dealt with by shampoos.
  • If you wash your face using shampoo, it will end up looking flaky and dry.
  • Make sure the shampoo you use for your hair does not touch your skin when you wash your hair.
    And if it does, make sure that your face moisturizes well later.

4. Hair Colors

  • Most of you know that when you dye your hair, you need to be very careful, making sure it doesn’t touch your facial skin.
  • Hair color has an overload of chemicals on your skin that may be very harsh.
  • Instead of box dyes, it is safer to use vegetable dyes or tinted brow mascara for those of you who want to stain your eyebrows to match your hair color.
  • The box dyes will make the skin around your eyes irritated, and your eyes burn, causing you to tear up.

5. Toothpaste

  • Due to its drying aspect, some individuals suggest that you use toothpaste for acne.
    There are reports, however, which recommend otherwise.
  • Research published in the journal Contact Dermatitis found that ingredients contain up to 30 compounds that have been recognized as skin allergens in 50 percent of traditional toothpaste.
  • It most definitely involves sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) if you are using toothpaste from a popular brand.
  • SLS has been shown to degenerate cell membranes, thus placing healthy skin at risk, according to a report published in the International Journal of Toxicology.
  • The study also stressed that, over the long term, items containing more than 1% of SLS should not be used.
    It is probable that traditional toothpaste contains up to 2% SLS.

6. Hot Water

  • Just like you can’t wash your hair with hot water, don’t use it on your face, either.
  • A steam facial works for the good of your skin, but it should not be replaced with hot water, as hot water will cause the outermost layer of your skin to lose moisture, leaving it dry.
  • You may use lukewarm water to wash your face or opt for a steam facial.

7. Bathing Soaps

  • Now, you might wonder what’s wrong with the use of soap on your face, because let’s be honest, before the attractive face wash came into being, almost every one of us used soap on our face.
  • Our skin needs to be cleaned of excess oils, but not natural oils.
  • Natural oils keep our skin healthy and hydrated.
  • If you use a soap bar on your face, though, it can dry out too much of your skin (yes, it can strip the skin of its natural oils), leaving it rough, itchy, and swollen.
  • To wash your face, it is often easier to opt for a mild face wash or cleanser.