5 Simple Exercises To Reduce Arm Fat

Here I am going to list out 5 super effective exercises that helped me to cut down excess fat on my arms, just do them daily for 15 minutes to see change yourself

Chair Dips

This is a fat-burning exercise that tones not only the arms but also the back muscles. Choose a bed or chair that is slightly higher off the ground for this workout. Whatever is stable on the ground is a good choice. A soft cushion sofa may not be the best choice; it will make the toning exercise more difficult to complete.

Arm Circles 

This is yet another conventional arm exercise that is used to tone and shape flabby arms in most workout routines. This exercise can be performed with or without the use of weights

Push Ups

ush ups are the best ab workout for a six pack without using any machinery. It is an easy exercise for developing toned arms and a strong core. Regular push ups will help you to strengthen your muscles. Balance may be difficult to achieve at first. Push-ups should be done while attempting to balance on your hands and knees.

Half Moon Rotation

xercises to lose arm fat and tone the arm muscles do not always have to be strenuous and time-consuming. Even medium-intensity exercises involving slow and controlled movements can effectively tone arm muscles. The half-moon rotation exercise works the biceps and triceps muscles in the shoulders and arms.


This exercise is a lot of fun to do and will help you lose arm fat quickly. It is one of the best cardio workouts for weight loss. As the name implies, this exercise resembles the opening and closing of scissors. To begin, stand straight and raise your arms to shoulder height in front of you

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