4-2-4 Method to Get Clear Skin in 10 Minutes

Today in this video, I will share how can you get perfect skin in just 10 minutes of time. This is called 4-2-4 face washing technique and is super popular in korean countries.

Beautiful skin starts with deep cleansing and 4-2-4 method is just about that.

For this method you will need

  • Face Cleansing Oil
  • Foam based mild face cleanser
  • & water to rinse

First take few drops of face cleansing oil and start to massage your face with this oil. Do this massage for 4 minutes in upward circular motion

For this purpose you can use any non-comedogenic face cleansing oil, and make sure , you do this massage for 4 minutes

Oil attracts oil, and this massage will pull out all oil based impurities from your face and neck.

If you do not have any face cleansing oil, you can also use jojoba oil for this purpose.

Now for next step you need mild foam face cleanser.

Apply this cleanser on your face and massage for 2 minutes on your face. This cleanser will remove all dirt and water based impurities from your face.

Now last step of this routine is rinsing, that will also take 4 minutes of your time

For first 2 minutes rinse your face with warm water to expand your skin pores. It will loose all blackheads and whiteheads on your face.

For last 2 minutes rinse your face with cold water and you’re done

It is better to use ice cold water for this purpose. It is very effective to shrink enlarged skin pores on your face

Your 4-2-4 face wash is done here. After just 1 time you can see difference in your skin

After this face wash, you can follow your regular skin care routine

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