3 Best Homemade Scrubs To Remove Pigmentation And Dark Spots

There is no limit to the kinds of skin issues that are happening these days, from dark spots to pigmentation.
Pigmentation happens when the skin forms dark spots that make it appear dull and irregular.

1st Scrub
Wheat Flour Scrub
You’ll Need:

  • Wheat flour
  • Water
  1. In a bowl, mix 1-2 tablespoons of wheat flour with some water and prepare a thin paste.
  2. Apply it evenly on the clean face, slowly rubbing it in a circular motion.
  3. Leave it on to dry for around 15-20 minutes.
  4. Now, as you use an ubtan, start massaging slowly to wash it off.
  5. Don’t overdo the scrubbing, but make sure the pressure is very gentle.
  6. Wash it thoroughly with normal water and pat dry the face.
  7. Try this once a week, and notice your skin turning soft and fair. This also helps with tan removal.

Wheat flour is a viable ingredient for skincare that is useful for improving skin tone and reducing tan from the skin.
A storehouse of vitamin E, an antioxidant that aids cell respiration, stimulates the growth of anti-inflammatory compounds, and slows down the process of skin-aging, is fresh whole-wheat flour.
It is natural to preserve and refresh the skin with masks prepared with whole-wheat flour.
Wheat flour works wonders to increase the fairness of the skin.
Wheat flour also helps a lot in the exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells from the skin.

2nd Scrub
Nutmeg And Milk Scrub
You’ll Need:

  • Nutmeg
  • Milk
  1. Add 1 spoon of nutmeg powder to 2 spoons of raw milk to come up with a runny mixture.
  2. Use this mixture on the affected skin as a scrubber and let it sit for 1 minute.
  3. Follow with 3-4 coats of the same and once it gets completely dry, wet your fingers and scrub your skin for 1 more minute with the pack.
  4. Finally, wash off with water.

This mild scrub is filled with Nutmeg’s goodness, which serves as the main product for an even complexion.
Milk helps to lighten the color of the skin when healing it.
A suntan can be highly effective in removing the combined effects of these two ingredients.
There are essential oils in Nutmeg that are beneficial for your skin.
It also has antiseptic properties that help combat pimples and acne, in addition to that.

3rd Scrub
Honey and Camphor Scrub:
You’ll Need:

  • Honey
  • Camphor Tablets
  • Rosewater
  • Wild Turmeric
  • Lemon

This is an age-old remedy to get rid of pigmentation and dark spots in no time.

  1. For this amazing scrub, take 1 tablespoon of honey, 3 tablespoons of rose water, half a tablespoon of camphor powder, and a pinch of wild turmeric.
  2. Next, take a lemon and cut it into 2 halves.
  3. Take the lemon half-cut and dip it into the mixture that we just created.
  4. If lemon is too strong, you can use tomato too and do this.
  5. Rub the lemon on your clean face and neck while dipping it again and again in the mixture.
  6. Do this trick daily to get immediate results.

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