2 Weeks Treatment For Open Pores

Today in this post, I will share 3 easy tips to completely shrink large open skin pores on your face.

If you follow these steps daily, in just few weeks of time your pores will not be visible to naked eyes, and also your skin will look flawless

So without any further delay let’s start with our article

Step #1 – Clean out pores

If you have large skin pores, only cleansing is not enough , as dirt and oil can accumulate deep into your pores

After cleansing your face, take few drops of toner on a clean cotton pad, and rub it gently on your face

Cotton pad acts as gentle exfoliator for your facial skin. Press it lightly while rubbing on your skin and it will remove all extra build up from your pores

You can use plain rose water as toner or you can also choose toners available in market, but make sure they are alcohol free

For oily skin, you can mix 1 part of apple cider vinegar and 3 parts of rose water.

Step#2 – Tighten your skin pores

If you have ice roller, you can use this to massage it on your face. Do this massage for 5 minutes in upward motion

Massage, your forehead, then nose and then massage your cheeks

If you do not have ice roller, take few ice cubes in a thin cotton cloth and massage your face with this

Step#3 – Healing Treatment

For this purpose you will need a good vitamin C face serum.

Vitamin C serum is rich in anti-oxidant, that will boost collagen and skin elasticity.

Take around 9-10 drops of serum on your hand, and tap it on your face. Tapping will rejuvenate your skin. Do more tapping where you have large skin pores

Do these 3 steps daily, after cleansing your face and in just few days of time you can see change in your skin

Apart from these 3 steps, you can try few other hacks also, that will help you with large skin pores

Banana peels consist of potassium which promotes a flawless skin.

Just pick up a banana peel and rub it against your skin in a circular motion. Continue to rub for fifteen minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

Retinoid creams are also very effective night treatment for large skin pores.

Apply a pea size amount of this cream, on your face. Leave it overnight and wash your face next morning

Apart from all these beauty tips and hacks, make sure you wear sunscreen in daytime to prevent sun damage

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