2 Steps Facial With Fuller’s Earth Powder

Multani Mitti absorbs all excess oil from the skin and cleanses the skin. Plus it boosts blood circulation which can help the skin to stay healthy.

Today in this post, I will share few basic steps, that you need to follow just once a week to get bouncy and glowing skin

Step#1 – Cleansing

In a bowl take some fuller’s earth powder
Add 2 spoons of coconut water and few drops of lemon juice in this.
Mix it well, we need a runny paste
Apply this on your face and neck, rub gently for 2 minutes and then wash it off

Fuller’s earth will remove excess oil and impurities from face. Adding lemon juice to it can provide your skin with vitamin C and antioxidants that helps to keep skin even toned and soothe irritated skin.

Adding coconut water in Multani Mitti can make this cleanser refreshing and hydrating and will nourish your skin.

Step#2 – Collage Boost Mask

Multani Mitti has great cooling properties and if you mix it with amla to prepare a face mask, it will become high in collagen content that will keep your skin firm and soft. Moreover, amla is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C which can brighten up your skin and lighten your complexion.

Mix 1 tablespoon Multani Mitti with 1 tablespoon amla powder, some papaya/strawberry pulp, and rose water to make a thick paste.
Apply on face and neck evenly and wash when dry.
Leave for 20 minutes and then rinse it off

Your facial is done here. Multani Mitti can be drying to the skin, therefore make sure you use a good moisturizer and SPF on the skin after this facial

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