Tried & Tested to lose weight faster with a Lemonade Diet

There are already enough diets for weight-loss to create confusion who want to shed that excess weight. This Lemonade Diet is also very popular as the Master Cleanse or Maple Syrup Diet.

This lemonade diet has gained popularity across the world because of celebs such as BeyoncĂ©, who have personally endorsed the results of the diet. The diet was assumed to lead to rapid weight loss and to ‘detox’ the body naturally, too. The diet is very strict and doesn’t require solid food intake at all.

What is a diet lemonade?
The Lemonade diet is essentially a juice cleanse created by Stanley Burroughs who popularized it in the 1940s and resurrected the diet in his book The Master Cleanser and Healing for the Enlightenment Age in 1976.

The diet was thought to have beneficial cleaning for the body, including ridding the body of all harmful toxins, especially in the colon area.
The lemonade diet is clearly a pretty drastic type of weight loss plan and for varying periods of time, various people adopt the diet program.
The only uniform thing, though, is the ban on solid foods throughout the diet duration. Some people ease in by letting food go slowly. This means light eating at the beginning and end of the diet is allowed. The diet is in three phases:

Stage 1:
Eliminating Food

Eliminate all unhealthy foods from your diets such as junk foods and fried snacks, and only have citrus fruits and the special lemonade detox drink.
With breakfast, only one toast is permitted in the way of carbs.

Stage 2:

The second step is the toughest phase of the lemonade diet, and it lasts the longest.
Just the detox drink is consumed during the day throughout this process, six times a day.

Stage 3:

The third phase is the reintroduction of solid foods into the daily diet.
The start is small, and it starts with just as little as a cup of yogurt and a handful of almonds.
Progressively this includes vegetable salad and vegetable sandwiches.

How To Make Detox Special Lemonade Drink?

The special lemonade detox beverage that is prepared using freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper is essential to the lemonade diet.
All the ingredients are mixed with water to prepare the lemonade detox beverage in designated proportions.
Lemon is rich in vitamin C which has proven to be antioxidant.
This also helps with digestion and promotes weight loss.
Natural maple syrup also has rich antioxidant content and a low glycaemic index.
Cayenne pepper is known for its detoxifying effects and can help to lose weight.

Will dietary lemonade contribute to weight loss?
Because the lemonade diet significantly reduces the daily calorie intake, it is bound to lead to short-term weight loss.
People are only permitted to eat as much as 600 calories during the diet, compared to the usual daily calorie intake for women of 1600 calories and for men of 2500 calories.
The way our body functions is by using the carbohydrates that come from the food we eat to provide us with energy for everyday functions.
Absent these carbohydrates, the body starts burning fat accumulated in our body to release energy, resulting in weight loss.

The benefits of Lemonade are numerous.

  • The diet may also work because unhealthy fats and trans fats that are present in salty and greasy junk foods and snacks are eliminated.
  • It can be worthwhile because it can replace unhealthy food with fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.
  • The diet program only requires very little meat and almost no dairy. One can’t eat any fruit or vegetable one feels like, though.
  • This diet must be practiced in precisely the way Stanley Burrough prescribes it.
  • Fruits such as mangoes, bananas, plums, apricots, and even papayas are not included in the diet. Even cashew nuts and peanuts are a big no-no.

The disadvantage of the Lemonade Diet

  • Although the lemonade diet can result in a lot of weight loss in a short period of time, it can have some side effects.
  • Just a few of the short-term side effects include nausea, tiredness, dizziness brought on by hunger.
  • There is also a long-term chance of severe muscle mass loss.
  • In addition, the diet is rather unrealistic, as the person practicing it needs to keep their physical activity rates to a minimum.
  • So, if you have a busy schedule and a lot of daily work to manage, the lemonade diet may not be manageable.