Tips to get rid of white hair

Premature hair whitening is a very common problem these days and no one likes it because people consider white hair as sign of getting old. Below I have listed some home remedies that you can try to prevent hair whitening at early age.


Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet is a must condition for strong and healthy hair. Hairs are made up of protein, so make sure you are eating plenty of lean protein. Drink plenty of water for hydration. Vitamin B12 is also necessary, so make sure you are having that. Biotin is another important vitamin for healthy, naturally-colored hair. It is found in foods like cucumbers, oats, and almonds.


Sesame seeds act surprisingly on white hair

Many remedies are there to prevent hair whitening, but if you already have white hairs then this remedy is for you. Take almond oil and mix it up with the grounded sesame seeds to make a paste out of it. Apply the paste on the scalp for about 20-25 minutes to see wonders.
Making sesame seeds as a diet supplement also empower quality results.



A very old and popular remedy for maximum problems related to hair. Ghee is great for shining hair and prevents greying of hair. Massage your hair with clarified butter two times a week. It is great if you can leave it overnight.


Black tea

Mix some tea powder in water and boil it, filter it and your black tea is ready. Apply it to the hair and scalp. Wait for an hour and then wash with normal water. It acts as a natural conditioner.


Lemon with coconut oil to remove white hair

This remedy is again for those who already have white hair. Mix coconut oil and a small amount of Lemon juice together and apply this on scalp and hair with fingertips. If you are doing this for one month, you will see that it helps to remove the gray hair.



Before taking a bath, apply onion juice on hair scalp and put it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse your hair accompanied by shampoo.


Drink Triphala water

Drink Triphala water every morning on an empty stomach to prevent premature greying of hair. Soak a handful of Indian gooseberry powder, bibhitaki, and haritaki in water overnight. Strain out the water the next morning and have it. Do it every morning to get the best results. The earlier you start, the better results you get to see. It is not only good for your skin but also extremely beneficial for your hair.

Include walnuts in your regular diet

Walnuts are enriched with biotin, so consume more walnuts along with muesli for breakfast every day to get the best results.

Try a salmon salad

If you are bored with your regular green salad then replace it with salmon salad. Salmon is a natural source of selenium, which prevents your hair strands from turning grey.

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) to improve Hair

Indian gooseberry, also commonly known as Amla, has significant hair repairing properties. It is also a rich source of nutrients and vitamins which are excellent for hair health and provides dark and shiny hair. It contains high concentrations of vitamin C which acts as a strong anti-oxidant to protect hair from damage and also stimulates the pigment production in hair and scalp to keep the hair from turning white. You can ingest it in a few different ways, you can eat it by preparing it or even raw, you can buy its powder and drink that by mixing with water, or you can also use a gooseberry to make infused water and drink that every day.

Curry leaves

This is a common Indian spice which is used in a variety of dishes in the Indian cuisine but it can also be used to protect the pigmentation of hair. It is a rich source of vitamin B for the hair which is crucial for the growth and strength of hair and also helps stimulate the production of pigment which provides your hair with color. To utilize it, boil a few curry leaves in some coconut oil. Then, use the resultant solution as an application on your hair as you would oil.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds possess a whole range of benefits for the body and one of them is that it can help retain your hair color. Fenugreek seeds are an actually rich source of nutrients like potassium, iron, Vitamin C and more importantly lysin. These nutrients help strengthen and nourish the hair and avoid issues like hair fall along with premature graying of hair. Thus, fenugreek seeds can help protect your hair’s pigmentation due to its restorative and protective characteristics. To use these on your hair, soak a couple of tablespoons of them in water overnight, then make a paste out of them and use that as a hair and scalp mask.


Sage is a great natural herb which possesses hair benefiting properties. It promotes the production of melanin and keratin for the hair and subsequently acts as a natural dye to restore the original color to the hair. All in all, it is a fantastic remedy to stop gray hair as it stops their growth and restores the natural color of the hair. To utilize these to improve the hair, boil a bunch of sage leaves in some water. After that, use that water to rinse the hair after it had cooled down. Let the solution sit in your scalp and hair for over an hour before washing your head with a mild shampoo. If you keep on following this remedy, your natural hair color will be restored within a few weeks of regular use.

Tips and Tricks

Follow the upcoming tips and tricks to prevent your hair from graying and keeping their original color intact.

  • A deficiency of vitamin B12 in your body can result in the graying of hair. So, make sure that you are eating enough foods which contain this vitamin.
  • Oxidative stress from external agents can result in the hair losing their pigmentation before its due time due to premature aging. Hence, eat foods packed with anti-oxidants if you want to avoid that.
  • Disorders and imbalances in the thyroid can result in premature graying of the hair so have that checked into if you suspect something is wrong there.


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