This Herbal Homemade Oil Can Solve All Your Hair Problems

With this homemade hair growth recipe, give yourself an at-home oil massage.
For lush and long locks, it blends herbal ingredients that are readily found in many Indian households into an elixir.

You’ll Need:

  • 10-12 Big stems of Curry leaves
  • 8-10 fresh Hibiscus flowers
  • 20-30 fresh and Healthy hibiscus leaves
  • 8-10 Stems of Tulsi leaves
  • 1.5 tbsps Onion seeds also known as Kalonji/Nigella seeds/ Black seeds
  • 2 tbsp Fenugreek seeds / Methi seeds
  • 1-liter Coconut oil
  • Essential oils of choice (optional)
  1. To make a coarse paste, bring all the ingredients into a blender jar and rotate a few times.
  2. Add this paste to a thick-bottomed saucepan on medium heat and add 500 ml of coconut oil.
  3. Cook the herbs paste until all the moisture is gone.
  4. It will ideally take around 10-15 minutes.
  5. When the oil is ready, all the leaves and flowers will turn crispy (just like chips) because there is no moisture left.
  6. Make sure the paste does not burn.
  7. Let the oil cool down and strain it into a jar (using a fine strainer or nut milk bag).
  8. If you like, you can add essential oils for added aroma and benefits.

How to use herbal hair oil?

  1. Just take one or two spoons if you want to use the oil (depends on how long your hair is)
  2. If you use coconut oil, the oil will solidify, but it will be scoopable, so just take it out with a spoon and melt it in the microwave or place it near a hot stove to melt the oil.
  3. Apply the oil to the scalp and all of the hair.
  4. It is preferable to leave overnight or for several hours.
  5. Then wash your hair using just enough herbal shampoo (dont use too much as it will rip the natural oils).


  • A decent alternative to coconut oil is sesame oil.
  • As per your preference and availability, you can use other herbal ingredients.
  • You can probably check the properties of essential oils and choose which one fits your needs by selecting the essential oils of your choice.


Curry leaves:

  • Rich In Antioxidants
  • Rich In Iron
  • Helps the Hair in Growth
  • Prevents premature Greying Of Hair
  • Helps Strengthens Hair Follicles

Hibiscus Flowers and Leaves

  • Stimulates the development of hair
  • Conditions the hair
  • Avoids Baldness
  • Dandruff And Itchy Scalp Treats
  • Prevents Untimely Greying

Tulsi Leaves

  • It Prevents Hair Fall
  • It also treats Dandruff And Dry Scalp.
  • Reduces Itchiness on the scalp
  • Promotes healthy Hair Growth

Onions Seeds (Kalonji, Nigella Seeds, Black Seeds)

  • Promotes healthy Hair Growth
  • Softens the Hair And Adds Shine & Lustre to it
  • Reduces Greying of the hair
  • Rich in Natural Anti-oxidant Properties

Fenugreek Seeds

  • Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Iron-Rich in Folic Acid
  • Beneficial with high protein and nicotinic acid content against hair fall and dandruff
  • It helps to treat a number of scalp issues, such as hair dryness, baldness, and hair thinning.
  • It hydrates the hair and strengthens the follicles of the roots and hair.
  • Hydrate the hair and give the hair luster and bounce.

Essential Oils

  • Gives Nice Scent To The Oil
  • Depending On The Chosen Oil, Properties Vary:
    Lavender – Calms, Soothes Scalp. Adds Nice Smell
    Tea Tree Oil – Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial, Prevents And Fights Dandruff

Coconut Oil

  • Conditions Hair
  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Anti Microbial
  • Prevents Split Ends
  • Reduces Frizz

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