The Perfect Morning Skin Care Routine

In this post, I will share simple steps for perfect morning skin care routine. Steps are pretty simple and yet can change your skin in short period of time.

Holistic approach towards skin care is pretty important and believe me it is not necessary to follow 10-20 steps every day to keep your skin healthy and glowing

Here I have shared skin care routine, that will hardly take 10 minutes of your time, and will keep your skin super soft, smooth and flawless

So without any delay lets start with step#1, which is cleansing

Not all cleansers are equal, choose a good face cleanser as per your skin type.

If you have oily skin, you can use foam based face cleanser.
For normal to dry skin, it is better to use gentle face cleanser with hydrating ingredients

Never use soap bar on your face, as they are not good for facial skin. It will make your skin super dry, and also will create a film on facial skin and will not let your skin breathe

Pat dry your skin, and you can proceed to step#2, toning

Purpose of a good toner is to tone your skin.

Never use alcohol based toner on your face, as they will strip all natural oil from your face and will also kill all good bacterias present on your skin.

Astringents like toner are not good for any skin type. Make sure that your toner contains few hydrating ingredients and it has right pH for your skin

Now after toning, the most important step of skin care is , Serum

You should always use a serum rich in anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants will protect your skin against free radicals, that are responsible for skin damaging. It will stop oxidation process that free radicals can create on your skin.

The most common anti-oxidant that is necessary for your skin, is found in vitamin C formulations

To get faster results you can use vitamin C serum, that also contain vitamin E, common known as C-E serum

Now coming to step #4 of this routine, that is Eye cream

Skin under your eye area, needs some extra care. Ideally you should use an eye cream that contains minor amount of retinol.

Apply pea amount of this cream in under eye area

This skin care routine ends with a layer of sunscreen on your face.

Wear a layer of sunscreen, with SPF 30 or more and you’re good to go

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