Skin Glow Drink

when we talk about basic skin principle, it’s very simple, whatever you put in, you get it out

what you eat, it will directly reflect on your skin

If you take healthy diet, your skin will glow, if you consume more fired or junk food, your skin will be inflamed, that might cause acne, oily skin and large pores

When we talk about skin glow, there are 3 important points

No 1, your blood circulation should be proper, so it reaches your skin cells

No 2 there should be no toxins in your blood. Toxins in your blood can cause skin inflammation , that can cause acne or dark spots on your face

No 3 blood should be rich in all nutrients, all vitamins and minerals. It helps your body to produce collagen

Collagen is protein for skin, that improves skin elasticity and gives natural glow to your skin

Today in this post I will share one simple drink that fulfils all these requirements

To make this drink, first you need

And pink salt


First take half beetroot and 1 carrot. Peel and chop them
Add in grinder
Now take 1 small ginger, cut it in small pieces and add in grinder with beetroot and carrot
Now add a small pinch of pink salt and juice of half lemon
At last add half cup of water and grind it well
Filter this and your glow drink is ready

When to consume

1 glass of this daily in morning 30 minutes before your breakfast

Beetroot is nature’s blessing for your skin and health, if you include this fruit in your daily diet, within a month it can do magic on your skin

It is very effective to remove toxins from your blood, also removes extra cholesterol. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties, so it prevent acne, oily skin problems

If you have wrinkle, fine lines on your face, beetroot helps you to remove aging signs too

Next we have used carrots. Carrot contains vitamin A and potassium, that is important for healthy skin. Carrot juice is also very effective to lighten dark spots, blemishes. It naturally hydrates your skin and makes it soft and supple

Next we have used ginger, it is very effective to remove toxins from blood and improve blood circulation. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties, so it prevents all skin problems caused by inflammation

We haves used a pinch of pink salt in this, it improves digestion, makes your gut healthy and improve liver function. Healthy gut and liver are very important for glowing skin

At last we have used lemon juice. Lemon juice improves acidic level in your body and helps to remove toxins. It also has high amount of vitamin C that fights against free radicals

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