Remove Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Stretch marks after pregnancy are common since the skin is stretched during pregnancy.It may be hormonal changes or sudden weight fluctuations, which can cause the skin to stretch and leave marks.

Today in this post, I will share few home remedies passed to me by my mom, and they really helped me a lot to fade them faster

Home Remedy#1 – Honey

The antiseptic property of honey works in reducing stretch marks.
Take a small cloth and apply honey on it.
Place the cloth on the affected area and let it remain until it turns dry.
Rinse off using warm water.
Or you can prepare honey scrub by mixing it with salt and glycerin. Apply it on the stretch marks, leave until it dries and rinse off using water.

Home Remedy#2 – Potato Juice

Potato contains phytochemicalsi, polyphenolsi, and carotenoidsi, which improve the skin texture.

Cut a potato into two halves and rub one-half over the stretch marks.
Allow the juice to soak into the skin and let it dry.
Then rinse off the area using lukewarm water.
You can notice the difference in a few months, or you can use potato juice or pulp.

Home Remedy#3 – Turmeric & Sandalwood

They are known for their ability to promote brighter and even skin texture.

Prepare one spoon of sandalwood paste by rubbing sandalwood stick in a bit of water.
Prepare a smooth paste of fresh turmeric root.
Mix both in equal proportions and apply on the skin.
Leave until it dries almost to 60% and then scrub your skin until all of it comes off.
Repeat every day for at least six months to see the improvement

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