Get Rid Of Large Pores In 4 Steps, Naturally!

Our skin contains millions of pores, but if you have healthy skin, they are very small in size and not visible to human eye.

These pores must be open, as they let your skin breathe. Also they produce sebum, that protects your skin, and acts a natural moisturiser for your skin.

Two most common skin related problem with pores are, clogged skin pores and pores enlargement. Clogged skin pores, if not treated properly on time can cause large skin pores, that are easily visible to naked eyes.

Today in this post, I will share home treatment that is effective to shrink size of pores on your face. Before starting with this treatment wash your face with gentle face cleanser and pat it dry.

Step#1 – Steaming

If you have steamer, take steam on your face for 4-5 minutes. Put more attention on affected area.

If you do not have steamer, soak a clean cotton cloth in warm water, and cover your face with this. Press it gently on affected area.

Step#2 – In this step we will make a face massage gel

  1. In a clean bowl take 1 spoon of aloe vera gel
  2. In this add 1 spoon of Rose water and half spoon of honey
  3. Mix it well and your massage gel is ready
  4. Apply this gel all over your face, and start to massage it on your face in small circular motion
  5. Do this massage for 5 minutes

Step#3 – Toning

For this step you can make your own toner with tomato juice or apple cider vinegar

  1. Mix 1 part of tomato juice with 2 parts of rose water and your toner is ready
  2. If you do not have tomato juice, you can use apple cider vinegar also.
  3. Dip a clean cotton ball in this mixture, and dab it on your face.
  4. Leave it on your face for 5 minutes, and after that you can wipe it off

Step#4 – Face Pack

Last step of this routine is face pack, that is very effective for skin tightening. Best part is that you can use this pack on daily basis.

  1. In a mixture grinder take half part of ripe banana.
  2. In this add 1 spoon of curd, and grind it well
  3. Apply this paste all over your face.
  4. Leave it for 15 minutes and then you can rinse your face with cold water.

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