Poreless Skin Secret, Works in 21 Days

Today in this post, I am going to share one easy treatment, that is rich in anti-oxidants, and will help you to shrink size of enlarged skin pores on your face.

Large pores are a very common skin problem. Unfortunately, they attract other skin issues too—like acne and blackheads, more so in people with an oily skin.

So it is better to take action fast. With right skin care products and proper skin care you can see faster results

Without any further delay, lets start with our DIY

To make this you will need

Vitamin C tablets, you can choose any vitamin C, sugar free tablets
Fuller’s earth powder
Cucumber Juice
& Water

First take vitamin C tablets, crush them until you get fine powder
Now in this add half cup of cucumber juice, and 1 tsp of fuller’s earth powder
Next in this add half cup of drinking water
Mix it well and transfer this to a clean ice tray
Let it freeze and your DIY is ready

Daily in morning first take steam on your face for 2 minutes to open your skin pores.

After steaming wash your face with a gentle face cleanser, and after that rub 1 ice cube on your face for 5 minutes

Do this ice treatment daily, followed by serum and moisturization

In day time, apply sunscreen before going out

This ice treatment is very effective for open pores. It is rich in anti-oxidants that will reverse all your skin damage, and has soothing properties of cucumber

Also I have used fuller’s earth powder in this, that will remove excess oil from your pores

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