One Crystal That Can Remove All Dark Spots From Your Face

Today I am going to share an ancient Egyptian beauty ritual that can remove all spots, pigmentation marke from your face and also helps in skin tightening. Best part is that this stone is already available in our houses, if not you will easily get this in any grocery or ayurvedic shops

Name of this stone is Alum stone.

Here’s how to use your crystal(alum stone) to brighten dark spots:

✦ Apply the alum stone to your dark spots once daily – after cleansing but before your moisturizer or sunscreen. We recommend morning.

✦ Wet the top of your stone and very gently swipe it onto the area you want to treat. Do this a few times until the salt starts to dry and the area is sufficiently “covered.”

✦ Let this dry and wait 10 minutes.

✦ Rinse off, pat dry with a towel and follow with your usual skincare to moisturize.

Because of its tightening properties and salt content, it can have the tendency to be a bit drying or harsh if used every single day for an extended period, so we recommend a 10 day to two week treatment window every few months or as needed.

Benefits of Alum Stone for Skin

Firstly, it is an astringent, meaning it causes the skin to contract or shrink. Astringents can temporarily reduce the size of pores and tighten the skin.
Alum is also bacteriostatic, which means it prevents bacteria from growing, making it useful as a preservative. you can also use this as acne spot treatment. Mix alum powder with water and apply it on the acne. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash the face with clean water.

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