Night Time Routine To Get Perfect Skin

Today in this post, I will share a very basic night time skin care routine, that I consider the very best routine for all skin types.

There are so many confusions around, what kind of product you should apply on your face in night time. We all know night time is the time, when your skin can heal itself, and with right kind of product you can boost this healing process.

I will give you basics that will help you to achieve the great skin

So without any delay, lets start with step#1, that is cleansing

We need to cleanse our face morning and night, but in night time it is super important to deep cleanse your skin.

As extra oil accumulates on your skin and it also faces extra pollution throughout the day

Use foaming face cleanser, if you have oily skin type, and for dry skin you can choose some cream or milk based gentle cleansers.

Take a good amount of cleanser and massage it on your face for 2 minutes.
After that you can rinse your face with plain water and pat it dry

Step#2 of this routine is toning

Avoid classical toners that contain astringents.

Toners can establish pH level of your skin, and it will also prepare your skin to absorb nutrients from products that we are going to apply in next steps

Step#3 – Apply Retinol or Peptide Based Creams

Night time is the best for anti aging treatments. Choose a good retnoid cream or you can also use some peptide based cream to get rid of early aging signs on your face.

If you ask me, retinoid creams are my first choice. You can choose tretinoin or retino A cream.

Just take a pea size amount of this cream and apply it on your dry face after toning.

Step#4 – Eye Cream

Choose a good retinol eye cream in night time to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles around eyes

End your routine with moisturiser if needed.

Some people are perfectly okay after applying retinoid cream but some people feel that skin is getting dry and flaky. If you feel your skin is dry, pat some moisturiser on your face

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