Night Guide To Get Spotless Skin In 21 Days

Today in this post I will share my complete night routine, that will help you in keeping your skin healthy and vibrant

The order in which you use your nighttime products is key to making sure they work properly, so make sure you read this post till end

Start with Step#1 – Remove Makeup From Your Face

Removing make up, before going to bed is very important. Sometimes cleansers are just not enough, especially if you wear eyeliners, mascara and concealers.

To remove make up you can use micellar water, just take few drops of this on a clean cotton pad and rub it lightly on face to remove your make up

Step#2 of this routine is, cleansing

In night time I prefer to wash my face 2 times with a gentle cleanser

Use gentle foam cleanser for oily skin and milk based cleanser for dry skin

Make sure water is lukewarm to wash your face. Clean your face and neck properly, pat dry your face and your step#2 is done

Step#3 – Exfoliation

For this purpose I prefer to use 10% alpha hydroxy acid serum.

You can use either 10% glycolic acid or lactic acid serum.

Take few drops of this serum and apply it all over your face and neck

If your serum has higher percentage of A-H-A, you can use this 2-3 times a week

Now once your face is clean, dead skin cells have been removed you can proceed with your night treatment

Step#4 – Skin Discolouration Treatment

For this first I will use Tranexamic acid serum 5%

Take few drops of this serum and dab it on affected area, where you have pigmentation

After this, you can also use 2% Hydroquinone serum.

These 2 are very effective to treat melasma and uneven skin tone. You can use tranexamic everyday,
but use hydroquinone just for 30 days, after that discontinue for 45 days, and you can start to use it again for 1 month

Step#5 – Anti-aging Treatment

For this I will use retinoid cream 0.05%

Before applying this cream, make sure you protect your under-eye area, as they are very sensitive.

Apply your eye cream in under eye area. If you do not have any eye cream, you can apply some vaseline around your eyes

Now take a pea size amount of retinoid cream and apply it all over your face and neck

Spread it evenly and you’re done

Your face routine is done here. At last apply some ghee on your lips, and you’re good to go for bed

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