Natural Treatments To Get Rid Of Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes

If the reason is a few long days or too many restless nights, dark circles and puffy eyes can really make you look and feel like you’re in a depression.
Splashing cold water on your face or applying concealer is not the solution.
There are so many efficient ways to unpack the undereye bags and avoid eye puffiness.

You’ll Need:

  • Licorice root extract
  • Vitamin K Capsule
  1. Take the vitamin K capsule, pour the contents of the capsule into a bowl.
  2. Now add 3 to 4 drops of the Licorice root extract.
  3. Give it a nice mix before you get a thick, smooth paste.
  4. Spread it with your fingertips or with a Q tip.
  5. Apply to the prone area of the dark circles and wash after 10 minutes. Just do it once a day.

The root extract of Licorice is full of iso-flavonoids that help to hold the pigmentation at bay.
Vitamin K facilitates the good circulation of the blood, thereby naturally reducing dark circles.
Licorice extracts contain glabridin, which prevents the synthesis of melanin.
This effect may help to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

You’ll Need:

  • Cold Pressed Almond Oil
  1. Take 3-4 drops of almond oil.
  2. Massage the oil in your dark circles before you go to bed at night.
  3. Do it for at least 2-3 minutes in a circular motion so that the oil is absorbed into the skin.

Almond oil contains a number of vitamins and mono-saturated fatty acids that tend to lighten the skin’s color.
Vitamin E present here plays a key role in overcoming dark circles.
Most significantly, almond oil also feeds the skin.
Sweet almond oil has both sclerosant and emollient properties.
It can help to reduce the appearance of blood vessels below your skin by improving the tone of your skin.

You’ll Need:

  • Saffron Strands
  • Raw Milk
  1. Take a spoonful of milk (raw), add a few strands of saffron, and let it soak for a while.
  2. Now, your mixture is ready for you.
  3. Apply the mixture to the dark circle prone region with the aid of fingertips.
  4. Apply overnight and wash the next day.
  5. If it seems sticky, you should wash it with cold water for 15 minutes.
  6. Continue the process for a couple of weeks to get better results.

Saffron has been used as an Ayurvedic treatment for skin problems for a very long time.
It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the complexion of the skin.
It also cures the fine lines and dark circles that are the product of aging.
Alternatively, you can make use of Ayurvedic night creams that are rich in saffron.
Bioactive molecules, such as carotenoids and riboflavin, facilitate the anti-tyrosinase action of saffron.
These compounds can help prevent over-pigmentation of the skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Eye Pack
You’ll Need:

  • Ground fresh coconut
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • 2 tsp grated cucumber
  • 1 tsp fresh cream
  • 3 tsp clay
  1. Mix all of these ingredients together and keep them in the refrigerator.
  2. Cover the eyes with a cotton gauge and apply the mask over it, taking care that the pack does not leak into the eyes.
  3. You can lie down and relax in a cool spot.
  4. Ideally, it should be left on for at least 20 minutes before washing gently with milk and then with water.

You’ll Need:

  • Wild Turmeric
  • Mint

Turmeric is believed to rejuvenate tired, sagging skin.

  1. Purée the mint leaves in the blender and strain to remove the juice.
  2. Add 1⁄4 of a teaspoon of turmeric to the juice.
  3. Apply the eye mask to the affected area and leave on for 20 minutes.
  4. Enable to dry and wash with cold water.