Myths Related To Wearing Bra !!

Some people love to wear bra while some just hate them. In this post i am going to reveal some of the most common myths

1. Not Wearing A Bra Leads To Saggy Breasts

It’s a common misconception that ditching your bra and going commando can lead to breasts that droop down to your stomach. In reality, what happens when you stop wearing a bra is that your breasts get into their natural shape.

2. Wearing A Bra When You’re Sleeping Makes Them Perky Just as bras play no role in the sagginess of your breasts, they do not contribute to their perkiness either. In fact, it’s best not to wear a bra at night as it can get really uncomfortable. The straps can cut into your skin, and your breasts may not get the chance to breathe and be free. This is especially true in summers, when the accumulated sweat in your bras can cause a lot of harm.

3. Bras With Underwire Can Increase Cancer Risk

Underwire is just used to give extra support to your lady parts and help push them up. They have no other purpose beyond that and do not cause anything . There are no medical studies or research that any kind of bra can lead to an increased risk of cancer. This myth goes back to the 90s when a group of researchers spread that underwired bras can cause toxins to get trapped in the breast tissue and hence amplify cancer risk.

4. Bras In Lighter Colors Are Not Quite Visible How often have you picked out a bra that was the same color as your outfit for the day? Pretty often, we’re sure. However, that will not help in making your bra discreet. Instead, skin or nude colored bras can prevent your bra from being visible through your clothes.

5. Uneven Breasts Is The Result Of Sleeping On Your Side

Factors such as your genes, weight, as well as your exercise routine are responsible for determining your breast type, size, and shape, not your sleeping position. Truth be told, almost all women have unequally sized breasts with one larger than the other.

6. Sports Bras Can Give You Bigger Breasts If you want larger assets, sports or training bras are the way to go. Wrong! The only purpose of a sports bra is to give you comfort when you’re exercising. They have no other purpose apart from that. Now you know why you couldn’t gain that one extra cup size by wearing your training bra all the time!

7. Bras Come In Fixed Sizes

This is not true at all, and you will know if you are the kind who has tried lots of different brands. In fact, the size of any bra is entirely dependent on the brand that manufactures it and the measurement standards they follow. So, if you want the perfect fit, you might want to take a look at the brand’s size chart first.

8. You Can Get Cancer By Sleeping In Your Bra This is as ridiculous as Myth #2. No. Sleeping in your bra does not cause cancer and neither can it make your breasts perkier . There’s no evidence whatsoever to support this claim! If you feel comfy and cozy sleeping in your delicates, there’s no reason why you should stop. There’s no need for you to panic till you find a lump in your breasts.

9. Machine Washing Your Bras Is Acceptable

While it’s really okay if throw your bra into your washing machine for a quick and tireless cleaning session, it’s not advisable to do that. Machine washing can ruin your bras and decrease their shelf life, so it’s best you hand wash them.

10. The Size Of Your Bra Band Doesn’t Count When buying your bra, it is natural to place the greater emphasis on the perfect cup size, but that doesn’t mean you ignore the band size. The wrong band size does not only mean that you are wearing the wrong sized bra but can also lead to health problems such as back pain and shoulder pain.

11. You Can Wear An Unwashed Bra Two Days In A Row

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, you cannot, and you should not. Apart from being unhygienic due to the trapped sweat, your bra’s elastic can stretch out if you do not give a gap of 24 hours. We hope these myths and facts offered some clarity on the doubts and questions you always had about your unmentionables. Keep them in mind the next time you put on a bra.

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