My Detailed 7 Days Night Skin Care Routine

Today in this post, I will share my detailed night time skin care routine that helped me a lot, to get rid of pimple and hyperpigmnetation on my face. After few weeks of usage I can definitely say, my skin is much better now !!

This routine will maintain your skin barrier, and will also prevent acne, breakouts on your face.

Before starting with this blog, let me tell you this routine might take few weeks to show visible results, especially if you’re focusing on hyperpigmentation and anti-aging.

Upper layer of your skin sheds between 14-28 days, and new skin from the middle layer is revealed – this is the point when you should be able to tell whether the product has worked.

From my experience, it took about two weeks for my skin to show noticeable improvements in skin texture after I started using a new retinol product.

So without any delay lets start with our video

Cleansing is the most important step of any skin care routine, as it removes all dirt and makeup from your skin, and prepare it to absorb better

If you wear base makeup product, like BB cream, foundation, or sunscreen on your face, use oil cleanser first, as it will gently melt off all the oil base from your face

Apply oil cleanser on your dry skin, while giving it a little massage, and finish by rinsing it off with water.

After that you can move to your next cleansing step

For this you can choose any gentle water based cleanser, it can be either gel, foam, or milk based. Massage this cleanser on your face for 1 minute, and then your can rinse your face with cold water

Now coming to step#2 of this routine, that includes actives

There are different actives for different skin issues, and you should not use all of them at once.

For acne and anti-aging, retinoids are best. I prefer to do retinoid treatment every alternate days, like Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, like that. You can start with tretinoin 0.025%, if you’re a beginner

For hyperpigmentation, and dull skin you can choose a combination of Niacinamide and Vitamin C serum

First apply a few drops of Vitamin c serum on your face, followed by Niacinamide serum

You can do this treatment on daily basis, but do not mix it with retinoid. If you are using retinoids on alternate days, you can do this treatment on other days.

Last step of this routine is moisturization

Moisturizer helps to lock in all the goodness that you’ve just put on your skin, while ensuring your skin stays hydrated.

Apply generous amounts of moisturizer that contains a light texture and doesn’t leave any tacky residue. 

Your night routine is done here. Follow this routine for few weeks, to see positive changes in your skin

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