Korean Hack To Make Your Pores Disappear

Today in this blog, I will share few very basic hacks, that Korean people use to keep aging signs away like large open pores, fine lines and wrinkles from your face.

So without any delay let’s start with,

Hack#1 – Exfoliate with soft washcloth soaked in hot water

While having shower, dip a soft washcloth in hot water and massage your face and neck with this towel.

This hack is very effective to remove dead skin cells without damaging your skin

Massaging increases circulation and creates a dewy complexion.

Hack#2 – 4-2-4 Method

Many Korean people believe that 4-2-4 method is very effective to prevent breakout on face. It involves four minutes of rubbing oil all over the face to remove makeup, followed by two minutes of foaming cleanser, and lastly four minutes of washing it all off.

This method is very effective keep toxins away from your skin.

Hack#3 – Honey Egg White Mask

It includes blending two whites of an egg and a spoonful of honey. Apply the mixture to the face and wash it using lukewarm water when dry.

Eggs can help improve the texture of the skin and helps tighten the pores. Meanwhile, honey has antibacterial properties and antioxidants that help slow down the signs of ageing and prevent acne.

You can use this mask once in 15 days to brighten up your skin and reduce fine lines

Hack#4 – Hydration is very important

We all know that Korean people follow many steps in daily skin care , and in most of the steps they provide boost of hydration to their skin

First they apply essence, after that serum and at last they apply moisturizer for maximum skin elasticity and hydration.

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