Ice Cube Facials Can Completely Transform Your Skin

Running an Ice Cube over the face has many benefits. The frosty cubes will help to smooth your complexion by combating fat cells, ease wrinkles, fight acne and promote blood circulation that will help heal blemishes and gives glowing skin.

Green Tea Ice Cubes

For skin, green tea is great because of its antioxidant, antibacterial and astringent properties. Green tea makes skin younger, it has a tremendous influence upon dilated pores, blackheads and acne. If your skin is very sensitive products containing green tea extract may help soothe your skin. Take

  • 1 Cup Water
  • 2 Green Tea Bags
  • 1 Vitamin E Capsule

Heat the water and dip in the green tea bags. keep the tea bags in water for 15 minutes. stir in the liquid of vitamin E capsule. Fill in the empty ice tray and put it in the freezer and let harden.

Mint Ice Cubes

Applying mint leaves on skin controls oiliness as it contains vitamin A. It rejuvenates and refreshes the skin making it brighter and soft. Salicylic acid present in mint helps in curing acne. Take some mint leaves and grind them in a half cup of water. Pour the mixture into the ice tray and freeze. Mint ice cubes remove sun tan and also prevents your skin from sun damage.

Milk Cubes

Milk has ingredients that make skin fair, bright and glowing naturally. Milk ice cubes are very good for dry and dull skin because milk ice facial will hydrate skin. To make milk ice cubes just fill the ice tray with milk and place it in the freezer to freeze.

Rose Water Ice Cubes

Rosewater works as a toner and astringent. It makes skin fair and glowing. Take some rose water, pour it in ice tray and freeze it.

How To Do Ice Cube Facial

Gently massage your face for 3-5 minutes with your favourite ice cube. Make sure to wrap the cube in a paper towel, or a handkerchief because applying them directly on your skin can cause delicate blood vessels to break.

Aloe vera ice cube to treat sunburns

If you suffer from minor sunburns every now and then use aloe vera ice cubes on the affected areas to get rid of sunburns. Take an aloe vera leaf from the base of the aloe vera plant, keep it in an upright position overnight and let that yellow slimy laxative flow out. Slit the leaf in two halves from the middle and scoop out the aloe vera gel from the middle the next morning. Blend everything into a paste with a liquidy texture with the help of a blender, remove the froth & pour this solution in the ice tray. Refrigerate overnight, that’s it, use this ice-cube to treat sunburns.

Rejuvenate your skin cells with raspberry-blackberry ice cubes

Take a handful of raspberries and blackberries and blend them into a smooth paste. Add a little bit of full-fat milk in this paste and mix it well to achieve a medium consistency. Fill your ice-tray with this mixture and refrigerate overnight. After washing your face in the next morning, apply these flavored ice-cubes on your face to replenish your skin from within.

Cucumber Ice Cubes to soothe the skin

Cucumbers are mostly fully made up of water and hence are one of the best hydration solutions for the skin. Furthermore, they are very soothing and calming to the skin due to their anti-inflammatory properties. To prepare a cucumber ice cube blend a cucumber to obtain its pulpy paste and add some fresh lemon juice to it. Blend again and transfer the solution into an ice tray and place that in the freezer. Once it has frozen to form ice-cubes, they are ready to use to rub on the skin to relieve and fatigue and stress of the day. The lemon in it will also help brighten and lighten your skin too along with the cucumber. After you have used the cucumber ice cube to soothe your skin, there is no need to rinse it again, you can just let it dry off naturally.

Cinnamon Ice cubes to fight against Acne and breakouts

Cinnamon ice cubes are a great option to fight the acne and pimple’s causes while soothing and calming your skin down. Moreover, we are going to utilize vitamin E in this remedy which is an essential nutrient for the skin and is needed for skin cells’ regeneration and overall rejuvenation of the skin. To prepare the cinnamon ice cubes, take a bowl of water and add a tsp of cinnamon powder to it along with a little bit vitamin E oil. Combine them well by stirring then transfer the solution in an ice tray and then place it in the freezer to refrigerate it. Once it has frozen completely, use it by taking a couple of ice cubes in a clean cloth and then massaging your skin with that for some 10 to 15 minutes.

Tips and Tricks

Now, we are going to look at a list of useful tips and tricks which are going to help treat and handle skin better and with a more rounded understanding of what to do and what not to do to keep your skin healthy. So, without further ado, let us get into it:

  • Rubbing ice cubes directly on the skin is not advised as that can have some unforeseen and unintended effects like frostbite. The best option is to wrap up the ice cubes in a clean piece of cloth and then using that on your skin.
  • You can curb the appearance of pimples by icing them as the cold has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and thus it can help suppress the rising pimples.
  • Do not go overboard with this technique as that will only be detrimental just like excess of anything is bad. Keep it moderate and sensible.
  • Cleanse your skin first before going ahead with anything. Clear it off all makeup and products then apply ice to it.
  • Massage your skin in slow and circular motions as that is the best way.



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