How to make hair thick

Hair are very important part of a body and especially for women. They love thick, long, smooth and strong hair. But there is a possibility that the beauty of hair can be lessened due to various factors or various hair problems. These hair problems are basically hair fall, dryness and the thinning of hair. Hair problems among women are mainly due to hereditary, age, lack of nutrition in diet or improper use of hair care products. Insufficient nourishment to the hair can lead to their breakage and also cause thinning of the hair. The hair that are prone to or more exposed to extreme atmospheric conditions like heat, pollution etc. are more susceptible to thinning and greying. Women have long hair and the damage caused to the hair can be severe if care is not taken properly. Through this blog we will help the women to understand the common causes of thinning of hair and how they deteriorate the quality of the hair. We will be suggesting easy remedies that are easily available at homes which enhance the thickness of hair. People have their own suggestions and methodology for different purposes. People will suggest contrasting methods for various hair nourishment purposes, but half of them are not effective while the other half are just myths that a number of people have. This blog will clarify all the myths about hair their thickening and thinning and also acquaint the readers with helpful facts about hair. Precautionary measures are very necessary to avoid any further damage, hence a number of safe methods to avoid hair thinning will be suggested to the readers. Various instructions regarding the use of these remedies will be given so that there are no issues faced and the women can get safe methods to make hair thick. The safety of these remedies for pregnant and breast feeding women and the use on children has been researched extensively and a brief outlook of the same will be provided to the readers. The different medicines available for the purpose and their corresponding side effects are made known to the women readers, along with the general questions that frequently arise in their minds are given along with answers. For more information, the readers can view relevant videos whose links have been provided for the users. 

  • Common Causes Of Thinning of Hair In Women

Thinning of hair or the loss of thickness and density of hair is a very common problem that women face these days. There are a lot of causes for the same and they are briefly given as follows:

    • The first cause of the thinning of hair is aging. As the age of the woman increases the hair can become finer and lose their texture, density and become thin and weak.
    • Thyroid and related problems can affect the hair make them thinner.
    • Hormonal changes are also responsible for thinning of hair.
    • The deficiency of iron in the body can lead to anaemia which is also a major cause of thinning of hair. 
    • Poor diet and medication can result in thinning of hair.
    • Change in the pattern of the growth cycle of hair.
    • Cosmetic methods and procedures are also a major cause of thin hair. 
    • Usage of shampoo and dye is excess
    • Perming, curling, rolling and straightening are some activities that damage hair.
    • Birth control pills
    • Pregnancy 
    • Ovarian cysts
    • Antidepressants
    • Hereditary is also a cause of thin hair.
    • A sudden or dramatic change of weight mainly the loss in weight is also a potential cause of thin hair.
    • High quantity of vitamin A in the body and insufficient protein
    • Immunity disorder
    • High dose of medicines
    • Stress can lead to the thinning and loss of hair
  • 20 Easy Home Remedies To Make Hair Thick

Chemicals in shampoos, conditioners and also oils these days are very harmful and lead to the damage of hair, which tend to get thinner and lighter. Home-based remedies are the best to make the hair regain their nourishment and become thick, voluminous and healthier. There are many ingredients easily available at homes which can be used for enrichment of hair. These can be made into different forms for easy and frequent use. The easy home-based remedies are as follows:

  1. Protein provides the required strength to the hair to make them thick, which is easily provided by raw eggs. Raw eggs can be mixed with either hair oil, slightly warm water or can be applied directly on the full length of the hair for a considerable amount of time and then washed. Repeating this twice a week can result in long, shiny and thick hair within a month’s time. 
  2. Another ingredient is olive oil, which directly benefit the roots of the hair, by providing them with support and strength and gives the hair the necessary mass, thus resulting in thick hair. This method should be used frequently to give immediate effects. 
  3. Fenugreek seeds, a handful in quantity should be soaked in water overnight. After they swell up, they can be grinded into a paste and applied directly over hair and scalp. This will be very advantageous for the overall enrichment and fulfilling the nutrient requirement of the hair. It should be rinsed with warm water after some time. This also provides considerable amount of moisture to the scalp and prevent it from drying thus resulting in thicker hair.
  4. Indian gooseberry also helps in reviving the health of the scalp and make the hair thick. It can be mixed with a small amount of coconut oil and applied directly over the scalp and kept overnight before washing.
  5. Castor oil is a solution to most of the ailments and problems of the hair. The oil can be cooled and applied on the scalp to get thicker hair at a faster rate.
  6. Onion juice can also be applied on the scalp for thicker hair. After the hair wash using a shampoo, apple cider vinegar can be mixed with a large quantity of water and finally rinsed.
  7. Potato juice is also a remedy for alopecia
  8. Cayenne pepper with olive oil is a good vitamin booster for the scalp where thin hair are more prominent.
  9. Coconut milk applied over-night and crushed garlic seeds in a mixture with castor oil or even olive oil can be used to strengthen root of hair and hair follicles.
  10. Various oils like rosemary, jojoba and castor can also be used to prevent the thinning of air.
  11. Keeping a check on the diet and consuming protein and vitamin rich diet will improve the thickness of hair.
  12. Orange juice is used to enhance the thickness of the hair, and also make them smell refreshing. It also treats the problem of dandruff.
  13. Coconut oil is a tropical oil, which nourishes your hair from the roots and gives them strength, which leads to the growth of thicker and smoother hair.
  14. The creamy texture of the fruit avocado is very suitable for the hair. It promotes the growth of thicker hair and also improves the quality of the existing hair.
  15. A mixture of lavender and thyme oil can be applied to the roots and tips of the hair and left overnight. The oils can be washed using a mild shampoo to give thick and long hair.
  16. Aloe Vera can be applied to the scalp to provide a volume to the hair.
  17. Avoid the use of any harmful chemicals that provide hair thickening, as the chemicals will cause more harm than benefit.
  18.  Curd is also a good remedy to provide moisture to the dry and thin hair.
  19. Hibiscus powder can be crushed and mixed with sesame oil to improve the thickness of the hair.
  20. Amla hair pack or henna provide a good colour to the hair. They improve the texture by giving the hair a volume boost and touchable softness. This also enhances the hair thickness instantly and continuous use of this remedy provides highly beneficial results for the hair.
  • Myths and Facts About Hair You Should Know

There is a different between myths and facts. A myth is basically a wrong perspective or rather a misconception about anything. A myth is believed to a true statement but in reality it does not hold true. On the other hand a fact is a universally known and acknowledged truth. The fact holds true under all circumstances and should be known to everyone for their benefit. Knowing helpful facts and ignoring the myths about various health-related topics can lead to a healthy lifestyle and improvement in the body health. 

The following are a few myths associated with the thinning of hair:

  • Getting a new haircut or trimming your hair frequently can help your hair to grow better and thin hair can be replaced by new thick hair. Trimming helps to get rid of split ends which are one of the causes of thin hair.
  • If a grey or a white hair is forcefully plucked, it is said that two white or grey hair will grow on the same spot. Similarly for a thin hair, if it is plucked the new grown hair will also be thin.
  • Use of shampoo in excess or washing hair using the shower makes the hair thin.
  • Another misconception is that frequent brushing or combing the hair will result in thicker and stronger hair. But excessive brushing of the hair will cause harm to the hair cuticles.
  • Colouring or dyeing the hair make then rough, thin and damaged.
  • A pregnant woman cannot dye her hair due to the risk of inhaling ammonia. 
  • There also exists a wrong perception that using the right hair products will make hair thick but the food intake and the nutrients matter.
  • Switching of shampoos frequently make the hair thicker and stronger and have a good effect.
  • There is also a myth regarding the drying of hair. It states that air drying is much better or healthier of the hair than blow-drying. More damage is caused to the surface of the hair through blow dry, while the strands are damaged deeply from within in case of air dry.
  • Washing hair every other day or frequently is also a common myth.
  • One should dry their hair using a towel. But in reality, it causes great harm making your hair thinner and more prone to breakage.
  • Stress being a cause for the thinning, weakening and breaking of hair is also a myth as it is not an immediate effect.
  • Shaving off all the hair results in the growth of thicker and stronger hair.

A few facts regarding the hair are as follows:

    • Colouring the hair actually causes no harm unless the hair colour is becoming darker. They add more volume to the hair making it thicker. Only bleaching causes the most damage to the hair.
    • The content of ammonia in hair dyes is very low so actually, there is no problem and pregnant women can dye their hair without any issue.
    • The type and quality of food eaten, affect hair growth and thickness to a great extent. A high amount of energy is required to grow hair and make them thick hence the right nutrient intake is very important.
    • It is a fact that ill-treating or mistreating hair will cause damage to them making them thinner and weaker. Excessive styling and brushing etc. will make the roots of the hair weak and lead to severe damage.
    • Applying conditioner on the hair and leaving it for a longer duration will benefit more to the hair by making them smoother, thicker and shinier. 
    • Drying hair with a towel causes a lot of damage to the hair.
    • Stress does damage the hair, but the effects take several months to appear. 
    • Hair grows faster and are thicker in summers due to constant blood supply.
    • The partition made with the hair matters a lot and affects the thickness of the hair too.
  • Precautions You Can Take To Avoid Hair Thinning

To make anything long-lasting, proper care and precautions need to be taken to enhance the value. Similarly, for thick, long and strong hair, a lot of precautionary measures need to be taken and some are suggested as follows:

  • Include nutritious food in your diet. A diet rich in all vitamins, and consisting of all the required minerals in sufficient quantity. 
  • Fruits and vegetables should be consumed in good quantity along with dairy products which are low in fat along with nuts, protein and beans.
  • Thyroid problems and other infections should be controlled and cured to have better quality hair.
  • Take less stress and anxiety.
  • Vigorously brushing of the hair should be avoided.
  • Frequent usage of shampoo should be avoided and hair should be dried naturally.
  • Avoid usage of various chemicals on hair and frequent hairstyling techniques.
  • One should not use anti-dandruff shampoos very often and especially over the counter ones.
  • A considerable time gap should be there between two hair colouring sessions.
  • Wet hair should not be combed or brush rigorously.
  • Application of hair sunscreens should be avoided.
  • A comb with wide teeth should be used by people who have very thin hair and large amount of hair fall.
  • People having dandruff and scalp psoriasis should avoid oiling their hair.
  • Use hair serums only after doctor’s recommendation and suggestion.
  • Wet hair should not be tied or braided immediately.

These are some common precautions which will prevent hair from damage and give the person thick hair as compared to the hair prior to taking these precautions. 

  • Are These Remedies Safe If I Am Pregnant Or Breast Feeding?

It is always thought that there are some substances that might react or harm women who are pregnant or breast feeding. It might lead to certain issues that might cause harm to the foetus or will adversely affect the milk in the breast feeding women. The misconception of not dyeing hair during pregnancy has been cleared and it has been proved that the content on ammonia in dyes is less and it cannot cause any harm to the pregnant women. Though dyeing hair is not a remedy but still it can make hair look thick and bright. The precautions suggested above are safe for pregnant and breast feeding women. It is highly recommended for pregnant women to follow these precautions and remedies because hair fall and damage is common after pregnancy. Moreover, these are homemade remedies and are much safer than the solutions available in the market which are full of chemicals and might lead to some side effects.

  • Can These Remedies Be Used On Children?

These home based remedies can be used on children as they have no side effects and do not contain any type of chemicals. Children should take care of their hair right from a very young age to avoid severe damages caused to hair with age. Having a habit of taking care of their hair from an early age will help them to continue it in future as well.

  • Over The Counter Medicines Available and Known Side Effects

There are different medicines and solutions available in the market to reduce hair loss and to make hair thick, long and beautiful. Some of them are:

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine): It is a liquid which is used to make hair thick and grow hair.
  • Cortisone: Pills helpful for hair regrowth.
  • Keranique Regrowth: 2% minoxidil is used to prevent hair loss and strengthen the hair and enhance their thickness.
  • Oscar Blandi’s Hair Lift Instant Thickening and Strengthening Serum: it moisturizes the hair and increases their thickness by 47%.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Hair to Die For Treatment: This is specially designed for thin hair, and to restore their natural thickness.

These medicines are safe to use however due to some carelessness in usage they can have some side effects:

    • Minoxidil can cause some burning sensation in the eyes, redness and even unwanted hair growth on same parts of the body.
    • Cortisone can tend to weaken the immune system
    • There are no side effects for Keranique Regrowth, Oscar Blandi’s Hair Lift Instant Thickening and Strengthening Serum and Peter Thomas Roth Hair to Die for Treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can female hair loss and hair thinning be inevitable in women?

Females do face hair damage problems, be it during or after pregnancy or when they are getting old and nearing 50 years of age. Thus every woman faces hair thinning and hair loss problems.

  • Can the hair thinning problem be completely removed?

Yes, the problem of thin hair can be solved by the above-mentioned remedies, to get thick hair permanently, provided these remedies are used periodically without fail.

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