How to make bikini wax experience less painful

Like every other part of the body, girls want a clean, soft and hairless bikini too. To get a soft and 100% hair free bikini waxing is the only way but lot of us are scared about the pain of bikini wax. Below there are few tips that you can try to make this experience a little painful.

Do not plan your bikini wax before or after periods

If your periods are about to come, do not plan bikini wax, try to get the wax done at least three days before you’re supposed to start menstruating because your bikini skin is very sensitive this time. Also, plan it after one week when periods are over because our pain threshold is higher in the week after a period than beforehand.

Don’t embarrass yourself about being naked

Yes, you are going to get naked in front of a stranger, but don’t worry, it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before.

Go with basic wax for the first time

As a beginner, I will suggest you to go for a basic bikini wax. I know Brazilian wax gives better result but you should go for this next time.

Take aspirin 1 hour before

Aspirin and Ibuprofen help reduce the feeling of pain

Schedule appointment between 3 pm and 5 pm

Your pain threshold is the highest at this point in the day. The stuff that would make you yelp at 10 a.m. will only make you wince a little now.

Go to a Yoga Class before getting waxed

It will be easier for the professional to wax you properly if you are flexible and limber. This will make sure that your waxing is quicker than it would be otherwise. Thus, you will experience less pain this way.

Use a Numbing Cream and/or a pain reliever

There are creams and products available which help to suppress the pain by numbing a particular area of the skin. You can utilize one of those to help curb the pain of waxing. Just apply the numbing cream about half an hour before you are about to be waxed. You can also take a pain reliever to help with the pain. There are many of these which are available over the counter and are perfectly safe for moderate use. So, take a pain reliever like Advil, ibuprofen, or aspirin about half an hour before you are about to be waxed to help minimize the pain.

Exfoliate the skin

You should keep the area of the skin to be waxed to be clean and exfoliate it regularly so that your waxing experience goes smoothly. This will help remove the dead skin cells from the skin which make it harder to remove the hair. You can utilize an exfoliating serum or a scrub for this purpose.

Look into the Quality

For the best possible experience, you might need to shell out some extra bucks too. If you can, go for a good quality salon and try to avoid cheap places as much as you can because there has to be a reason why it is so inexpensive. Look into the hygiene of the place and the credentials of the professionals.

Avoid at-home Waxes if possible

Though waxing by yourself in the comfort of your own home is certainly possible but it would be better suited to you if you leave this process to the professionals. They have experience and know a lot of tricks to help you and cater to your need. If your pain tolerance is low for some reason, you can inform your professional and they will do their best to accommodate your request and needs.

Relax your body

This might be hard to do because we automatically tense up when we know that there is pain coming. However, it is better that you and your body are relaxed while being waxed. You can try to meditate for a bit and practice mindful and deep breathing to calm yourself down and relax the body.

Distract yourself

It is said that all our experiences, feelings, emotions, etc are in our brain so that goes for the sensation of pain too. You will find that if you are distracted by something else, the waxing will go a lot smoother and you will feel much less pain in the process too. To achieve this, you can listen to some music or watch something or read something.

Some more useful tips:

  • If you are using sugar wax, then let the wax cool down completely before pulling it off to make the experience a little less painful for you.
  • Use a body scrub to gently exfoliate the areas where you plan to scrub.
  • Let your hair grow to the quarter of an inch and then go for waxing for a better experience.
  • Play music of your choice while waxing to keep yourself distracted for a while.
  • Keep your regular body lotion, aloe vera gel or moisturizer in the refrigerator before waxing and apply it after waxing your skin to soothe the irritated skin.
  • Use a cold compress if you have sensitive skin.
  • Do not shave in between waxing sessions, that will make your skin pricky.
  • Do not step out in the sun for 24 hours after waxing your skin.
  • Don’t take a steam bath after waxing, that will irritate your skin and give you more zits and bumps all over your skin.
  • Let the staff do their job as quickly as possible to make it easier for you.
  • Take a deep breath and pull off the waxing strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes, choose cotton fabrics over others.
  • Do some stretching exercises before waxing, this will alleviate the pain to a great extent.
  • Cut down caffeine consumption, to make the next waxing session easier for yourself.
  • Take a shower in lukewarm water before going for waxing, this will open up the hair follicles and make it a smoother experience for you.
  • Don’t apply hot wax all over your arms and legs at once, rather work on small sections.

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