How to get rosy pink cheeks naturally

If you want to look your best naturally then you must put in efforts to add a flush of pink color on your cheeks to look your best. You can always put on a blush to get that rosy tint but nothing can beat the charm of a natural glow. When it comes to parties or outings, you know exactly how to play around your cheeks to give them a glowing blush. But, don’t you just wish to have that healthy pink glow on your face that saves you from applying those unnatural cosmetic products on your face? Make sure to check out these amazing home remedies and get naturally glowing pink cheeks.

DIY Beetroot scrub recipe

Ingredients required:

  • Rice powder: ¼th of a cup
  • Beetroot powder: ¼th of a teaspoon
  • Activated charcoal powder: ⅛th of a teaspoon


  1. Take all the ingredients in the specified quantities in an airtight container.
  2. Shake it well to make sure that everything gets mixed up well.
  3. After applying your base makeup.
  4. Take a blush brush.
  5. Dip it in your natural blush.
  6. Dust off the excess.
  7. Lightly apply this blush on your cheeks in small circular strokes.
  8. That’s it you are done.
  9. Spritz on a makeup fixing spray to make sure that you lock in the pigment, that will prevent this pigment from fading away.


  • Use it whenever you want a flush of color to reflect on your cheeks without using too many harsh chemicals on your face.

DIY Natural blush cum highlighter recipe

Ingredients required:

  • Awraroot powder: 1-2 tablespoons
  • Wild turmeric powder: 1 teaspoon


  1. Take an airtight container.
  2. Add a tad bit of both the ingredients in it.
  3. Mix it well until you get a powdery mixture.
  4. Apply and set your base make up before using this blush cum highlighter on your face.
  5. Then take a fluffy brush.
  6. Dip the bristles in the powder.
  7. Gently tap off the excess pigment.
  8. Use it in small circular strokes on your cheeks to get the effects of a tinted highlighter.
  9. Spritz on some makeup fixing spray to make sure that the color does not fade away.


  • You can use this blush for an everyday make up look as it is free from harsh chemicals, it won’t harm your skin at all.

DIY Natural hibiscus blush recipe

Ingredients required:

  • Arrowroot Powder: 1/2 a teaspoon
  • Cocoa powder: 1/2 a teaspoon
  • Hibiscus powder: 1/2 a teaspoon


  1. The recipe is very simple, all you have to do is, fetch an airtight container.
  2. Add all the ingredients in it.
  3. Mix it well.
  4. Take a blush brush.
  5. Dip the bristles in the container.
  6. Tap off the excess amount of the blush.
  7. Apply it gently on the apple of your cheeks.
  8. Make sure that you smile while applying it so that you do not miss on any of the high points of your cheeks.
  9. Finish it off by using a make-up fixing spray at last.


  • Use this blush whenever you want to add a subtle flush of color on your cheeks.

Other important tips:

Facial massage

Facial massage will blush your cheeks. Massage your cheeks with fingertips. This will help to improve blood circulation in your face and will give your cheeks a natural blush.

Exfoliate your cheeks

Exfoliating skin is important to get the natural color as it removes the upper layer of dead cells. Dead skin cells often dampen the skin color, making it look dull and drab. Regular exfoliation helps in removing dead cells and dust and retains the cheek’s natural color as well. Take some uncooked oatmeal and mix it with honey or milk and make a gentle scrub. Use this on your cheeks regularly.

Wash face with warm water

Wash your face with warm water as it will help to increase blood circulation in your cheeks. This is a two-minute solution to get rosy cheeks.

Follow an exercise routine

Rosy cheeks have always been a sign of good health. So, if you are not feeling healthy that too can be the reason behind lacklustre cheeks. Get into an exercise mode to stimulate blood circulation throughout your body. The body will flush out toxins, and help in the circulation of blood containing oxygen and nutrients. Exercising also keeps your complexion well-nourished. Hence, leaving your cheeks with a rosy tint.

Take a healthy and balanced diet

Eat carotenoid-rich foods. Carotenoids are yellow, orange and red pigments found in fruits and vegetables that give them their natural colour. So, add colourful foods such as carrots, tomatoes, capsicums (even the red and yellow ones), peaches, melons and everything colourful to your diet. Also, try and eat foods rich in vitamin C and E to get rosy cheeks.

Drink plenty of water

Keep your system well hydrated. Drink 6-8 glasses of water to help the body stay hydrated and flush out toxins. Water will help to keep your lips and mouth moist and soft.

Homemade Remedies

Here are some more home remedies that will help you get a beautiful glow on your cheeks naturally:

  • Applying a pack of lemon juice, cucumber juice mixed with honey and milk will make your cheeks glow pink.
  • Clean your cheeks with apple cider vinegar to get those rosy cheeks. Soak cotton in it and pat them on your cheeks until it dries off.
  • Applying vegetable juice on your cheeks is a good way to give them a healthy glow. Take some beetroot juice and mix some sugar crystals in it. Apply this on your face and keep it on for 15 minutes. After this wash your face with plain water.
  • Other than beetroot, you can also use grape juice, pomegranate juice or Jamun fruit juice on your face.
  • Grind a few almonds and mix it with crushed rose petals and honey. The pack may be easily stored in a fridge for up to a week. Rose petals will add that rosy texture and color to your cheeks. In fact, with regular usage, the cheeks will become rosier in just a week!
  • You can also make a paste of dried rose petals and apply that on your face to get a natural blush on your cheeks.
  • Applying cucumber and tomato pulp also helps.
  • Take some banana pulp, mix it with milk cream, and apply it on your face. Keep it for 20 minutes before washing it off with ice-cold water.

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