How to get rid of wrinkles under eyes

Women are always worried about their skin and appearance which can be ruined by the occurrence of wrinkles under the eyes. Since the skin under the eyes is sensitive and thin, there are high chances that your skin may develop them at a young age too. Besides making you look older than your age, they tend to take a toll on your confidence and your overall personality. In this article, we bring to you the various causes of these wrinkles, simple home remedies and over the counter products to tackle them and much more


  • AGING: As you grow older, the skin under your eyes gets thinner and also loses its elasticity which in turn causes wrinkles. Also, after a certain age the skin stops producing collagen which is responsible for keeping the skin young and fresh. This also leads to the formation of wrinkles
  • SUN EXPOSURE: Ultraviolet rays from the sun are a major cause of those wrinkles under your eyes. UV rays release harmful free radicals which damage the skin to a great extent which is why it is advised to use proper sun block lotions if you have to step out in the sun.
  • SMOKING: Smoking is not only injurious to health but also causes your skin to age much faster. Smoking decreases blood circulation in the skin and deprives it of the nutrients and minerals it needs thus contributing to the appearance of wrinkles.
  • GENETICS: Under eye wrinkles can also be a result of your genes usually from the maternal side.
  • DIET: Your diet defines your appearance to a great extent and you might get wrinkles under the eyes if you diet is insufficient and lacks green leafy vegetables, Vitamin C, E and antioxidants.


  1. Pineapple

Pineapple has an abundance of Vitamin C, which has a lot of contributing factors resulting in radiant and young skin.

  • Apply pineapple pulp on your skin in a circular fashion.

This helps in improving your skin tone, and also increases blood circulation in the applied skin area.

  1. Cucumber
  • Putting freshly cut cucumber slices under your eyes and leaving them there for a few minutes can help in renewing dead skin cells, and it also makes the skin look more glowing.
  1. Papaya
  • Take fresh papaya pulp and mash it until all solid nodes are removed. Add some honey to the paste, and apply the paste to the required areas.

Papaya can be very effective in removing wrinkles and fine lines quickly.

  1. Sandalwood Powder
  • Take some sandalwood water and add some rosewater to it. Mix until a smooth paste is formed. Apply this paste on your wet face.

The combination of sandalwood and rosewater makes your skin acne-free and removes wrinkles effectively.

  1. Apple
  • Take a fresh apple and cut it into slices. Put the slices in a mixer and add 2 tablespoons of pure honey. Blend the mixture evenly to make a fine paste, and apply the paste on the required areas.
  1. Aloe Vera
  • Cut some leaves of Aloe Vera and remove the gel part from the leaves in a container. Apply the gel on your face, and leave it there for at least 15 minutes.

Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins and other nutrients, and it results in glowing and young skin.

  1. Yogurt Mask
  • Mix pure honey and olive oil in a container of fresh yogurt. Mix evenly to form a uniform paste and apply on your skin. Adding some orange juice also results in younger skin. Leave the mixture on for 10 minutes, and wash off with cold water. Regular application will give quick results.
  1. Egg White
  • Prepare a mixture with the basic component as the white part of an egg. Add 2 tablespoons each of rosewater and fresh glycerin solution and mix evenly. This paste can be applied on your skin for immediate results.

The vitamins and proteins present in the white part of eggs help in renewing dead skin cells.

  1. Rice
  • Mix some rosewater and honey in rice powder. Mix evenly to form a thick and smooth paste. Apply on your skin, and let it remain for at least 25 minutes. Wash off the mixture with cold water, and clean with a dry towel.
  1. Watermelon
  • Rub watermelon peels on your face to get an immediate cooling result. Leave the skin as it is for 5-10 minutes, and then wash your face with cold water.

Watermelon helps to revive dull skin and is very effective in renewing old skin cells.

  1. Apricot
  • Make a puree of apricots after removing their seeds. Add cold milk, honey and lime juice in this puree and stir well. Apply this mixture on the area under your eyes and let it remain for 10 minutes. Wash your face and clean it with a dry towel.

Apricots are rich in vitamins and nourish your skin, and lime juice is vital in repairing skin cells and removing fine lines.

  1. Strawberries
  • Take some strawberries and mash them properly after removing their seeds. Add pure honey and some lemon juice in the mixture. Mix well to make a thick and smooth paste. Apply evenly on required areas and let it be for 10-15 minutes. Apply cold water to wash off the mixture.
  1. Mint
  • Prepare a mixture by adding egg white, lime juice, mint and cucumber. Use a blender to turn the mixture into an even paste. Refrigerate this paste for 15 minutes. Apply this cold mixture on your face, and let it be for 10-15 minutes. Wash off the mixture with cold water.

This paste can show very positive results in a very short time. 

  1. Cabbage Juice
  • Use a blender to make cabbage juice. You can refrigerate this juice and can use it multiple times a day. Add honey to this mixture for better results. Apply it on your face twice or thrice a day for good results.
  1. Garlic
  • Eat raw garlic sometimes for a day for effective results.

Eating garlic regularly can slow down the ageing process of your skin and fine lines will be removed effectively.

  1. Ginger
  • Take ginger pieces and chop them. Add a tablespoon of honey to it, and make a habit of eating this daily in the morning.

This can remove existing wrinkles and also prevent further ageing of the skin.

  1. Almond Oil
  • Take a few drops of almond oil and apply on the skin under your eyes for healing and repairing effect.

Almond oil can remove fine lines and can also reduce crow’s effect.

  1. Tea
  • Drinking tea on a regular basis, especially green tea, can help in immediate detoxification, and can very quickly heal and replace dead skin cells, thus giving way to a fresh and radiant skin.
  1. Coconut Oil
  • Apply warm coconut oil on the skin under your eyes and other required areas.

Coconut oil is very rich in minerals and can nourish skin cells, thus enabling younger and glowing skin within days of regular application.

  1. Olive Oil
  • Smear olive oil on the required skin. Adding a few drops of lemon juice to this oil can also bring good results.

Olive oil helps to give back the skin its moisture, and also makes the skin soft and thus repairs dead skin cells.


  1. Myth: Vaseline helps in preventing wrinkles

Fact: Dryness is a major cause for the appearance of wrinkles and petroleum jelly can only provide the required moisture to hide the wrinkles or to make them less visible. It will not prevent wrinkles as it will be caused by aging or thinning of the skin. On the other hand, Vaseline might lead to the occurrence of acne and breakouts which will only worsen the situation.

  1. Myth: Getting regular facials will prevent wrinkles under the eyes

Fact: Getting a facial only gives you relaxation and a fresh feeling. It surely exfoliates the skin and gives you a younger look but cannot reduce or cure your wrinkles for which you will have to look for creams or ointments which increase the collagen content of the skin.

  1. Myth: Getting Botox injections for wrinkles reduces facial expression

Fact: If the injection is given with proper care and skills, only the muscles under the eyes will be involved whereas all other muscles remain unaffected. So you can easily smile or frown as much as you want without any difficulty.


  1. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water daily to avoid wrinkles under the eyes.
  2. Keep your eyes protected: While going out in the sun, you must apply sufficient sunscreen or wear sunglasses to prevent wrinkles.
  3. Use night eye cream: The skin rejuvenates and revitalizes faster at night and hence you should apply it daily before going to bed to prevent wrinkles under the eyes.
  4. Get adequate sleep: At least 8 hours of sleep is essential for every individual and if you sleep well, there are more chances that the area under your eyes will be healthy and fresh too.
  5. Keep your skin moisturized: Since dry skin is another major cause of the appearance of wrinkles, make sure you do not let the skin under your eyes remain dry or it will only aggravate the problem and make your wrinkles appear even more.


There are certain over the counter creams available in the market to get rid of under-eye wrinkles. If you are opting for such creams, lookout for the following things it might contain which help in enhancing the collagen production in the skin

  1. Retinoid: Retina-A is an essential vitamin that improves the production of collagen in the skin and helps in fighting against wrinkles under the eyes.
  2. Vitamin C- Vitamin C products have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help in the healing of under-eye wrinkles. Also, Vitamin C protects the skin against the UV rays of the sun thus decreasing the chances of appearance of wrinkles 
  3. Glycolic acid: It is an alpha hydroxyl acid which also increases the production of collagen to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes.
  4. Hyaluronic acid: This is yet another ingredient your lotions or serums should have as it retains the firmness of your skin and helps with the wrinkles 

Although these products are helpful in treating under eye wrinkles, it is always recommended that you consult your dermatologist before trying anything on the skin.


Ques1. Can menopause play any role in the formation of wrinkles under the eyes?

Ans: Yes, menopause can also lead to the formation of wrinkles as it decreases estrogen levels in the body which directly affects the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin

Ques2. Are Botox injections safe to use? Are they painful?

Ans: Yes. Botox injections are absolutely safe and harmless to the body if the treatment is performed by an experienced person with proper care. And about the pain, botox needles are extremely thin and will cause pain for only a second or two when it is injected. There won’t be any pain or discomfort later.

Ques3. Can exercising help with my eye wrinkles? Please suggest a few…

Ans: Yes. Relaxing exercises for the eyes and forehead helps in restoring elasticity yet keeping the required firmness under your eyes. A simple eye exercise could be rolling your eyes while they are closed for about 2 minutes or you lift your eyebrows with your fingers and bring your eyelids down at the same time. Giving your forehead a regular massage also works wonders in preventing as well as treating wrinkles under the eyes.

Ques4. What food items can I include in my diet to reduce eye wrinkles?

Ans: A healthy diet can prevent or even cure many health problems including wrinkles under the eyes. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which contain lots of fibres and do not forget to keep your body hydrated. Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D are also vital for treating wrinkles and hence you could include eggs, milk, fishes etc in your diet too.

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