Homemade Vitamin C Face Serum

Vitamin C stands out as a top-tier ingredient for promoting healthy skin, featuring prominently in various skin creams due to its antioxidant prowess and its capacity to bolster collagen production.

In its role as an antioxidant, vitamin C combats free radicals, those induced by UV exposure and other environmental pressures. Eager to incorporate it into your skincare routine? Here’s a cost-effective recipe for crafting your vitamin C serum, a treat for both your skin and your wallet!

Due to its quick degradation, craft this serum in small batches, ensuring freshness for up to a week.

For your homemade vitamin C serum, gather:

  • 4 teaspoons distilled water
  • 1 teaspoon vitamin C powder
  • ½ teaspoon glycerin
  • 10 drops vitamin E oil

Mix the vitamin C powder with filtered water in a dark-colored glass dropper bottle, swirling until the powder fully dissolves. Next, introduce glycerin and vitamin E oil. Refrigerate the serum for a shelf life of up to 3 weeks. Discard if it starts developing a yellow hue.

Application of vitamin C serum:

For optimal results, apply vitamin C serums or drops in the morning, beneath your sunscreen. Vitamin C actively battles free radicals, making it an ideal shield before venturing into the world of pollutants.

Alternatively, use the serum in the evening after cleansing your face and applying toner, but before your regular nighttime moisturizer. Gently pat it onto the face and neck, steering clear of the eye area.

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