Fix Your Skin In 1 Day

Today in this post, I will share a very simple routine, that will fix all kind of skin imperfections on your face, and will give you as perfect skin as possible.

All steps in this routine are pretty simple, and they will hardly take 15 minutes of your time

So without any delay let’s start with our article

First thing in the morning that you must do is, dab cold towel on face

Take a clean face towel, soak this in cold water
Remove excess water and put this towel on your face
Dab it lightly on your eyes, do this for 4-5 minutes

Dabbing with cold water is very effective to remove puffiness from your face. It will also promote blood circulation, so your skin will look fresh and glowy

In next step of this treatment, we will do cleansing with mild face cleanser

For this purpose you can use market one, or you can also make your cleanser at home

Take some gram flour, in this add enough milk or curd as per your skin type.

Make sure consistency of this paste is very smooth.

Apply a layer of this paste all over your face, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse your face with water

Now coming to 3rd step o this routine, that will target excess oil on your face

Excess oil on pores can make you feel uncomfortable whole day, so it is always better to remove excess oil from your pores without disturbing pH of your skin

Just take some honey and apply a thin layer of it all over your face

Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse your face with cold water

Honey is a magical ingredient for skin. It is rich in antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and at the same time a powerful humectant.

Honey will keep your skin moisturised, so your skin will not feel dry throughout the day and will not product excess oil

So once your face is clean and oil free, its time to do some targeted skin care

If you have some dark spots on your face, you can try tranexamic face serum.

For normal skin, I will suggest to use a good vitamin C serum followed by Niacinamide serum

Take few drops of 10% vitamin C serum and apply it all over your face. After that daab few drops of Niacianmide serum on your face

Now coming to last step of this routine, that included moisturiser and sunscreen protection

Apply a layer of good water based moisturiser on your face , and after that apply a layer of sunscreen on your face

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