Feet Scrub That Needs Just 2 ingredients

A very basic, step by step guide to get beautiful feet easily at home. It will hardly take 15 minutes of your time, will remove tanning from feet and make them super soft.

Step#1 – Soak your feet

Fill your basin with warm water, add some epsom salt, 1 tsp of baking soda and shampoo in this. Soak your feet in this solution for 10 minutes

Step#2 – Rub lemon on feet

Take half lemon for this, remove your feet and start to rub lemon on your feet. Do this rubbing for 2 minutes on each feet. The acidity in lemon may help remove dead skin cells from your feet.

Step#3 – Foot Scrub

To make this scrub you will need

1 tsp of rice flour
1 tsp of coffee powder
& Rose water

In a bowl mix rice flour, coffee powder and enough rose water, until you get smooth paste
Apply it on your feet and start to scrub
Do this scrubbing for 5 minutes
Let it rest for more 5 minutes, and then rinse your feet with cold water

Step#4 – Apply moisturizer

Apply a layer of good moisturizing cream on your feet and you’re done !!

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