Easy DIY Blackhead & Whitehead Remover Peel Off Mask

In addition to peeling the layer of dead skin off your face, peel-off face masks are designed to give you radiance and clean skin in just a simpler way. By using these, the blackheads are removed, and the pores are washed.

Egg White Pore Strip
You’ll Need:

  • Egg White
  • Tissue
  1. To fit over your nose and other affected area, cut a paper towel or tissue. You should make it long enough for part of your cheeks to be covered, too. Also, make sure it’s large enough at once to cover the whole nose and affected area. For this DIY, a paper towel or napkin is better than a tissue because it is thicker and can prevent more blackheads.
  2. You’ll need to separate the white egg from the yolk of the egg. Crack open an egg over a bowl gently.
  3. Turn the inner parts of the shell upwards as you break it open, making little cups so that the yolk doesn’t spill into the bowl.
  4. Pass the yolk between the two shells back and forth, letting the white of the egg drain into the gap between them. In one of several recipes only calling for egg yolks, such as creme brulee, you can discard the yolk or use it. Separating eggs while the egg is fresher is easier to do.
  5. Dip the paper towel into the white egg. The paper towel would have to be thoroughly wet with egg white.
  6. Move on to applying it when it appears soaked. Just add the strip. Centre your nose on the strip.
  7. Rub it in position with your thumbnail, making sure you have it in all the crevices around your nose. It should stick to your nose without problems due to the white of the egg.
  8. You can also apply just egg white to your nose, add a strip of dry paper, and cover with more egg white. Before applying it, it is also vital that you wash your face, so the blackhead remover strip doesn’t have trouble with the grease on your face.
  9. Wait ten to thirty minutes. Egg white needs to dry up completely on the nose.
  10. In as little as 10 minutes, it can dry, but it can take as long as 30 minutes. To see how it is doing, check on it regularly.
  11. Just peel it off.

You can peel it off until it has dried up. Although you can need to peel more slowly so that the strip does not tear, it’s almost like peeling off a bandaid. On your homemade strip, you can find several blackheads left behind.

Tips to Remember While Using Peel-Off Masks

  • Always try to use peel-off masks after taking a shower because the lukewarm water, when used in your shower, will work as steam and opens up the clogged and closed pores. This will help softens the dirt and dust on your skin, making it easier to be removed.
  • Avoid using your fingers to apply this peel-off mask on your skin. Instead, use a facemask brush for even application. And, make sure to wash the brush after every use.
  • If the mask is left to dry for a long time, our skin gets over-dried. And cold water will not prove to be an effective mask breakdown method, but lukewarm water will help you quickly wash your face off.
  • After peeling off masks, use toner to your skin to lock in the effects of a mask for smoother, plumper, and younger skin.
  • Before applying any peel-off mask, don’t forget to cleanse your skin because otherwise, it won’t get into your skin pores, leaving a very small or no impact.
  • Don’t try to peel off the mask in the shower because it’s not going to dry properly, and you’re going to be left with partial gunk.

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