Curd Night Treatment To improve Skin Complexion In 7 Days

Today in this video=, I am going to share one very simple night treatment for your skin, that will make it super healthy. In just few days of uses, you can feel that your skin is extra soft and looking radiant.

This night treatment will slowly dissolve dead skin cells on your face, and brings out the healthier skin cells, that are underneath.

Overtime use of this treatment will give you even out complexion, and it will definitely improve your skin complexion. In just 1 week of time you can see visible improvement in your skin colour.

For the best results, you must do this treatment in night time, 15 minutes before going to bed

  1. First wipe all the make up from your face, you can also use micellar water for this purpose.
  2. Now wash your face with a gentle face wash, you can use foam based face wash for oily skin, and cream based face wash for dry skin.
  3. Make sure you follow 60 seconds rule while cleansing your face, apply cleanser and rub it gently for 1 minute, and then rinse it off
  4. Pat dry your face, and now this is the time for our treatment.
  5. Take required amount of curd in your hands, rub it for 2 minutes between your fingers, and now apply it all over your face and neck.
  6. Massage it on your face for 3-4 minutes, and then let it dry completely.
  7. It will take around 10-15 minutes of time, rinse your face with plain water and pat it dry
  8. At last just apply a thin layer of your regular face moisturiser, and you’re good to go for bed.

Curd is good for all skin types, including oily skin too. It regulates sebum production, so your skin will not produce excess sebum, and prevent further acne and breakouts on your face

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