A Perfect Cleansing Secret For Glass Skin

Today in this post, I will tell you about cleansing tips, that will help you to achieve baby soft, super clear glass skin.

Face cleansing is one of the most important part of facial skin care routine, as it removes all dirt, excess oil and all pollutants from your face.

So without any delay, lets start with,

Tip#1 – Treat your skin like a baby

Age doesn’t matter, facial skin is always very thin and extra delicate, that demands extra care

Choose face cleanser as per your skin type and rub it gently on your face.

While rubbing cleanser on your face, don’t put any pressure on face, just rub it lightly on your face for 2 minutes with your pinky finger, and that’s enough

Choose foam based face cleanser if you have oily skin and cream based cleansers are best for normal to dry skin

Tip#2 – Don’t use physical scrubs

Physical face scrubs can remove dead layer but it can cause more damage to baby soft skin, that is beneath dead layer

Never use sugar granules or any other physical scrubs that are available in market, on your face

You can use AHA, BHA peels that are available in market, or if you want homemade peel, you can apply milk or yogurt on your face, as they are rich in lactic acid

Tip#3 – Anti-oxidant treatment after cleansing

After face cleansing pat dry your face and pat few drops of vitamin C serum on your face.

It is better to use vitamin C with strength 10% or more. It should be water based and make sure it also has hyaluronic acid in it

After face serum apply moisturiser on your face and you’re done

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