4 Steps DIY Coffee Facial For Instant Glow – Shahnaz Husain

Today in this post, I will share simple at home facial steps, infused with goodness of coffee beans.

The infusion of natural extracts in this facial, revitalises the skin, retains moisture and helps in cell renewal. Its nourishing and rejuvenating effect tones skin and preserves youth.

This luxurious facial at home is very effective to get brighter and glowing skin in just 1 application.

Make sure your face is clean and makeup free, before starting this facial

So without any delay let’s start with step#1 of this facial, that is cleansing.

  1. In a clean bowl take 2 spoons of raw milk.
  2. In this add 1/4 tsp of coffee powder, mix it well and your cleanser is ready.
  3. Dip a clean cotton ball in this, and rub this mixture gently on your face for 2-3 minutes.
  4. After that you can rinse your face with cold water.

Now coming to second step of this facial, that is scrub

To make this scrub I have used oats flour, as it is very gentle and suitable for all skin types.

  1. In a bowl take 1 spoon of oats flour.
  2. In this add 1 tbsp of coffee powder, and 2 tbsp of curd.
  3. Mix it well and your scrub is ready
  4. Apply this mixture on your face, and rub it gently for 2 minutes in small circular motions. Make sure you do not rub it on active pimples.
  5. Wash your face with normal water, and you’re done

Step#3 – Skin Brightening Tan Removal pack

Last step of this facial includes pack, here we will prepare 2 different packs, one for eye area and other one for your face and neck.

Eye Pack

  1. In a clean bowl mix 1/2 tbsp of raw honey and 1/2 tbsp of coffee powder.
  2. Mix and your eye pack is ready. Keep is aside.

Face Pack:

  1. To make face pack, take 1 tbsp gram flour in a bowl.
  2. In this add 1/2 tbsp of coffee powder, and 1/2 tbsp of sandalwood powder.
  3. Add enough water in this until you et smooth paste.

First apply eye pack in your under eye area. Now cover your face and neck with an even layer of face pack. Leave it for 10 minutes, and then rinse your face with cold water.

Your facial is done here. Finish it off with layer of moisturiser on your face, and you’re done !!

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