Secret of Kerala Women’s Long Hair

Keralite hair or Malayalee hair is world-famous. People from God’s own country are blessed with dark shiny long hair.One of the reasons is that they seal the moisture in their hair with oil. The western world has discovered this just now whereas Keralites and Tamilians have been doing it for ages. Oil sealing is the best treatment for fly away hair that is frizzy, dry, brittle.

Western method

hair is washed, conditioned with moisturizer. After the moisturizer is washed away, a thin film of oil is applied to air and rinsed away.

Kerala method

Hair is preconditioned with coconut oil or herbal oil, hair is washed with shikakai or Areetha nuts or mild shampoo and then 2 to 3 drops of oil is applied immediately over hair. Their hair is never allowed to go bone dry during washing.

Tamil Nadu method

Hair is preconditioned with coconut oil or herbal oil, hair is washed with shikakai or Reetha nuts or mild shampoo. You may also precondition it with homemade hair conditioners using okra (method link is given below).

The next day, hair is oiled by placing half a handful of oil on top of the head and then after a few minutes, the oil is rinsed away with water. The shampoo is not used. The moisture that was lost during washing is restored.

Too much oil will attract dirt and cause dandruff. Experiment with different oils and also different qualities of oil before you know how much oil is needed to moisturize your hair without making it look greasy and weighed down.

There are many people who destroy the eco-system of their scalp by applying various chemicals to tame wild hair. It takes months to get over the side effects of these harsh products.

Other Tips and Tricks for Hair Care from Kerala

Peruse the following point in detail to learn about various techniques which are used natively in Kerala which helps them achieve long, thick, and gorgeous hair. You should also study these closely if you want to improve the quality and health of your hair and make them long and strong. Then, without further ado, let us dive into these points which are going to help enhance your hair:

  • Making own hair oil: Many Keralites prefer to make their own oils to be not dependent upon the products in the market as we are not aware of the materials fully and the process which is followed to achieve the oils. That is why many Keralites prefer making their own coconut oil so that they know about its purity and value. Coconut is very common and widely available in the state that is why it is used in a variety of ways including making the hair better and longer.
  • Keralites often like to enhance the quality and potency of coconut oil by infusing the effects of curry leaves to the oil. The process for this is: boiling the coconut oil with some curry leaves in it until the leaves start changing their color along with the oil also turning green in color. After that, once the oil has cooled back down to room temperature, the leaves are strained out and the oil is stored for future use. This improves the coconut oil and enables it to make the hair darker and improve their color to a richer shade.
  • Keralites like to warm up the oil before they apply it onto the hair. Oil is warmed up slightly and then massaged onto the hair and scalp thoroughly using gentle massaging motions. People there know that the oil needs to be soaked into the scalp to truly harness its benefits for the hair. Also, massaging the scalp in circular motions stimulate the blood flow under there which again, helps in the growth of hair and aid in making them longer and thicker.
  • Keralites do not like to wash hair every day, instead, every other day is good for them. Washing every day strips the hair of natural oils and makes them dry and then problems start arising like frizzy hair and split ends.
  • People of Kerala like to use natural solution for hair care whenever plausible. Keralites like to use green gram powder as a shampoo to cleanse the hair from excess oils and other impurities like dirt. This natural remedy also helps keep the head cool and calm. Some other natural remedies that Keralites like to use as a shampoo for hair are Hibiscus leaves and fenugreek seeds. People make a paste out of these natural ingredients and then use that as a shampoo for cleansing the hair properly and without introducing any potentially harmful chemicals to the hair and scalp.
  • Just like the shampoos, Keralites also use to prepare and use their own natural conditioners. People there like using Henna as a hair conditioner as it improves hair quality significantly and nourishes them thoroughly to promote their growth. Along with that, this remedy is great for stopping gray hair and keeping the hair dark and beautiful for much longer. Many people there like to include this in their hair care ritual by using it once a week to treat and improve the health of their hair.
  • Keralites like to comb their hair after all the treatments to smooth them out and make them free from any tangles. Before that, they take care to dry the hair carefully by using the towel but not scrubbing harshly with it. Instead, they use it gently by dabbing it to dry the head. They also comb in a slow and measured way so as to not damage the hair. Keralites comb the hair once it has dried somewhat because the hair is more vulnerable and prone to breakage when they are wet. They also avoid using too many accessories on their hair as they weight the hair down too much and may lead to issues like breakage and weak hair.
  • Keralites tie their hair when they go to sleep so that they are together and safe from unnecessary breakage.



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