Beauty Drink – 1 Glass Daily To Get Super Radiant Skin

A healthy diet can help you ensure healthy skin in winter, and today in this post we will share a very simple drink, that will help your skin to get an inner glow.

To make this drink you will need

  • 1-inch piece of raw ginger
  • 2 amla
  • One medium-size Tomato
  • And two sprigs of fresh coriander
  1. First, take 2 amlas, wash them and chop them into small pieces to remove the seed.
  2. Put chopped amla in a blender.
  3. Now add chopped tomato, ginger and coriander leave to the blender.
  4. Add half a cup of water to this and blend it well.
  5. Strain and your juice is ready.
  6. Daily drink 1 glass of this juice before your breakfast.

This juice has a high amount of vitamin C, which promotes skin collagen production and also help your skin to regain plumpness and elasticity.

Tomatoes and ginger coupled with coriander are well-known skin healers and glow bringers. The astringent properties in tomatoes help cut down excess sebum production on the skin which leads to a reduced outbreak of blackheads and whiteheads.

Ginger is known for evening out the skin tone and for working as a gut health booster which directly affects skin health.

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