60 Seconds Skin Cleansing Rule

Individuals dealing with persistent pimple issues often struggle to achieve clear skin. Conversely, those who diligently cleanse their face tend to experience fewer pimples. Today, I’m sharing a crucial skincare tip that may seem basic but plays a pivotal role in attaining the clear skin you desire.

Let’s talk about facial cleansing, specifically the well-known 60-second rule. If your face is covered in pimples and your skin feels distressed, stay calm and follow this simple guideline for effective face cleansing.

  1. Start with clean hands. Ensure your hands are thoroughly washed before proceeding with the cleansing process.
  2. Dispense your regular face wash onto your palm and create a lather. It’s crucial to foam the cleanser on your hands first to prevent potential skin irritation if applied directly to your face.
  3. Apply the lather to your entire face. For those wearing eye makeup, gently massage in circular motions around the eyes, then move to the cheeks, and finally focus on the T-zone for effective cleansing.
  4. If you have makeup on, begin with an oil cleanser to remove it effectively. Wet your hands, cleanse away dirt and makeup, including the areas around your nails.
  5. Follow up with a facial cleanser, spreading it across your face. Use circular motions on your cheeks, T-zone, and delicate areas around the eyes and nose.
  6. Pay special attention to the nose region and eyebrows. Rinse thoroughly, especially when wearing makeup, and follow up with makeup remover and facial cleanser.
  7. Ensure you create a lather on your hands before applying it to your face. Cover the forehead with circular movements and clean the nose and surrounding areas.
  8. For those with chin acne, apply the same process to this area. Focus on cleansing thoroughly without applying excessive pressure.
  9. To eliminate any residue, imagine cleansing inside your pores and be gentle yet thorough.
  10. Avoid putting too much pressure while cleaning, aiming for a delicate and complete cleansing experience.
  11. If you wear makeup, consider a double-cleansing routine: first with cleansing oil and then with a facial cleanser.
  12. For days without makeup, use only a facial cleanser. Wet your face multiple times, create a lather with your hands, and apply it all over your face with circular movements.
  13. Pay extra attention to the nose and cheek regions during the cleansing process. Rinse your face thoroughly for 60 seconds to remove all residues.
  14. To dry your face, gently tap it. The difference between double cleansing and simple cleansing lies in the use of cleansing oil before the facial cleanser.
  15. Whether you choose double or simple cleansing, maintaining this routine will likely prevent blackheads and pimples from appearing, leading to noticeable facial improvement.

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