5 Minutes In Morning, No Large Pores, No Dull Skin, No Acne

Today in this post, I will share one simple diy, that you have to do every morning just for 5 minutes. All ingredients that I have used in this DIY are natural and suits all skin type.

Best part is that, this one diy is ram-baan for all your skin problems, large pores, acne, oily skin, pigmentation, dark spots or any other problem this DIY can solve all.

This one solution has only on condition, that you have to prepare it fresh everyday, you can not store it

To make this DIY, you will need

  • 1 small potato
  • 1 spoon gram flour
  • 1/2 spoon rice flour
  • 1 spoon raw milk
  • and honey

preparation part:

  1. First take potato, and wash it well to remove all dirt and impurities. In this diy we will not peel potato skin, as it contains starch and very effective for skin tightening
  2. After washing chop potato and grind it well
  3. In this potato paste ass gram flour and rice flour
  4. Next in this add milk, if you have oily skin you can use few drops of milk instead of milk
  5. At last add enough honey in this
  6. Mix it well until you get smooth paste
  7. Finally your solution is ready

Daily in morning after face wash apply this pack on your face, leave for 15 minutes and then you can rinse your face with cold water
Pat dry your face, apply moisturizer and sunscreen

Potato acts as natural bleaching agents, it makes your skin brighter. I have also used peel in this diy, it will shrink your large skin pores. Next I have used gram flour, it acts as cleansing agent. Rice flour is rich in amino acid and many minerals that makes your skin barrier stringer. Honey is world’s best humectant, it keeps your skin soft and supple.

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