4-2-4 Japanese 10 Minute Beauty Secret

Japanese people believe in simpler skin care routine. They have a holistic skin care approach. It focuses more on nourishing and hydrating the skin, UV protection, and neutralizing the sun’s damaging effects on the skin.

Japanese people believe in 4-2-4 face cleansing ritual, according to them this is the foundation to achieve glowing skin

Today in this post, I will tell you about this 10 minute process, that will make your skin to look noticeably plumper and brighter

This 10 minute cleansing will complete in 4 steps,

  • 4 minutes for step 1,
  • 2 minutes for step 2
  • and 4 minutes for step 3

For step1, you will need a face cleansing oil. You can also make your own face cleansing oil at home.

For this I personally prefer jojoba oil as base. It suits all skin types and doesn’t clog your pores

  1. In a clean bowl take 2 big spoons of jojoba oil.
  2. Next in this add around 9-10 drops of lemongrass essential oil, and 9-10 drops of sandalwood essential oil
  3. Mix it well and your cleansing oil is ready
  4. Take few drops of this oil between your palms, and start to massage it all over your face.

Jojoba oil in this, will attract impurities and cleanse the sebaceous gland.

Lemongrass oil is rich in astringent properties, so it will prevent any kind of breakouts on your skin, and sandalwood oil is very effective to soothe skin.

Do this massage for 4 minutes, and then you can proceed to step#2

In step 2 we will use a cream based cleanser for dry skin, and foam based face cleanser for oily acne prone skin.

Massage this cleanser for 2 minutes on your skin, it will emulsify the oil without stripping the skin or disrupting its natural ph

Finally, you can proceed to last step, step#3

In this step first you have to wash your face with warm water for 2 minutes, and then with ice cold water for next 2 minutes.

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