2 Minute Skin Care Routine For Beautiful Skin

All of us have tried so many different types of skin care products. There are so many products in market that claim to be better than all others, but do you know, your skin doesn’t need many products, it just need a basic skin care that you should follow daily

Today in this post, I will share 2 minute simplest skin care routine, that all of you can easily follow

First I will start with AM routine

In morning you have to first cleanse your face.

Choose a milkier cleanser for dry skin and foaming cleanser for oily skin

Second thing that you should put on your clean face, is antioxidant

Anti oxidants protect your skin against free radical damage and also help to boost collagen production

The most powerful anti-oxidant that you can put on your face is vitamin C

Use a good Vitamin C serum with 10% strength or more.

It is good to choose a serum that also contain hyaluronic acid as a key ingredient

After that next thing, that you need is a good moisturiser followed by a good sunscreen

It is best to use a good water based moisturiser and sunscreen with SPF 50 or more

Your AM routine is done here, now coming to our PM routine

In night time also, first you should clean your face with a good cleanser as per your skin type

If you wear make up in day time, first remove make up with micellar water and then cleanse your face

Second step is to apply anti-aging cream on your face in night.

In day time we do anti-oxidant treatment on face, but night time is the best for Anti-aging.

Take a pea size amount of any retinoid cream and apply it on your face and neck

For some people retinoid cream might be super drying, in that case you can use growth factor creams, or peptide based creams on your face instead of retinoid creams

Now once your anti aging treatment is done, you are good to go on bed

Your AM-PM routine is done here. Apart from this routine, make sure you exfoliate your face twice a week to remove dead skin cells. For sensitive skin, you can exfoliate once a week

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